Cannibal Surendra raped dead bodies: World of Similar cases  


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Facts in Norco Test of Surrender: He gave clean chit to Mohinder? Have dead body legal rights? He did to cure impotency. Flesh in freez and in oven of his premises found. Controversy in Saddam hanging.


As reported by channels Surendra serial killer of Noida confirmed in his norco test that he is a cannabal. This has been also confirmed by the DGP of UP.


Surendra has said before police prior this that he became cannabal and sexual with dead girls due to a tantrik to turn his impotense in the hot sex.


Mohinder has been given clean chilt by his servant surendra in the Norco text. He said that Mohinder came rare in his D-5 bungallow probaly one or two time in a month.


He also said that he had no knowledge of his killing or sex with dead bodies.


He accepted that he also killed ‘Payal’. When Mohinder was in Chandigarh. I called payal in his absense and ask for sex. She demanded Rs. 3000/- from me which was not with me. After her refusal he iinsturcted her for sitting and waiting the tea. After going inside he came back and bind her neck with a rope to stand her back side. She dead.


He said that Mohinder Pandher is habitual of sex with call girls and prostitutes. Payal was also among them. After giving Rs. 3000/- to her he did sex with her generally.


He explained that in curiosity he watched in the midnight the sexual acts of Mohinder Singh with the females. His impotense did not allow him to sex as Mohinder. For this he took guidance of tantrik and as per his suggestion kidnapped, killed, eat flesh and sexed with killed bodies.


He said that he killed woman and children both. After killing woman he wrapped the bodiy by polythene and throw in back yard. After chilren killing he threw skeletons out side gutter.


He did not allow any body to enter his premises. He did not feel any type of regret in his Norco text.


Police of Noida has reported that in his servant room there was a freeze. Police found 3 kgs flesh most probably of human in the freeze.


Besides this in the roof there was a oven for cooking the flesh. A piece of flesh most probably of the girl was in the oven.


Freez and oven both have been seized.


It means he is a cannabal. After killing the child he or other hidden accused separate the flesh brom the killed child. Flesh was kept in freez as a raw for using few days. He boiled the flesh in the oven which was kept on the roof.


Here it may be possible that children were molasted, raped and killed by him and Mohinder Singh Pandher was kept himself limited only up to sex. Flesh was eaten by the servant Surendra. And kidney and other organ parts of the killed children were marketed by other co-accused. There is a possibility of international racket of organ trade. In this direction postmortem repot and indication of the doctor should be taken seriously. As the doctor has already said that he is under pressure.


Question here arises what about the questions regarding organ trade and his neighbour Dr.Naveen Chaudhary who was accused in a kidney racket along with other doctors of his hospital Noida Medical Centre. Mohinder Singh’s son Karan in Zeenews channel’s live telecast has suspected the hand of Dr. Naveen Chaudhary. Why are media and investigation authorities intentionally overlooking this aspect?


One channel has reported that 3 kgs flesh


Similar inhuman mystery happened in Australia

“A man was jailed for life today for killing his teenage neighbour and having sex with her body in a crime described by a judge as horrible and depraved…When police went to interview Richardson about Ms Franklin’s disappearance, they found her partially clothed body decomposing on his bed with a gag in her mouth and a ligature around her neck. Richardson ’s story to a psychiatrist was that he accidentally ran over her cat and that he had told her he had strangled it to put it out of its misery. He said Ms Franklin reacted by becoming hysterical, and to silence her screaming he strangled her to death, then hours later had


There are so many erotic sites of abroad in internet that focus on death. I wonder how an semi literate tribal and his so called tantrik knew all this inhuman acts which are the wealth of only in foreign countries. Our culture and our civilization never allow this. This is the reason whole Pandher community of Punjab has taken decision yesterday to boycott Mohinder Singh from the community. This punishment is greater than the life imprisonment.


There is a report of Sept 10, 2004: Having sex with corpses is now officially illegal in California after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill barring necrophilia, a spokeswoman said.


What are the rights of dead people?


A French court ruled in March 2002 that the refrigerated bodies of a married couple must be removed from basement storage in their château and buried properly. Against the couple's final wishes, and over the strenuous legal objections of their son, the court held that Raymond Martinot—who died last month at age 80—and his wife, Monique—preserved in a refrigerated container since 1984—must be cremated or buried.


Why do we care what happens to dead bodies?


Two mains areas of the law apply to dead people: 1) disposal of bodies; and 2) crimes committed against dead bodies.


Whether sex with a dead body is rape?


1. The Rights of the Living Dead


William Henry Francis Basevi, in his 1920 book The Burial of the Dead, wrote that across history, cultures with almost no other rituals in common treat their dead with reverence. "In or near the grave are placed food, clothes, and weapons; while the body is protected from molestation often most elaborately. All this provision conveys the idea that there is something more in burial than the disposal of a dead man's bones."


The 1949 Geneva Conventions explicitly provide that prevailing forces must "search for the [enemy's] dead and prevent their being despoiled." The conventions further require that enemy "dead are honorably interred, if possible according to the rites of the religion to which they belonged, that their graves are respected, grouped if possible according to the nationality of the deceased, properly maintained and marked so that they may always be found." Violators have been convicted and imprisoned.


2. Habeas Corpses: The Rights of Survivors

In general, the legal rights of the next of kin include: the right to immediately posses the remains for burial, the right to oppose disinterment, the right to oppose autopsy or organ donation, and the right to seek damages for mutilation of the body. Who counts as next of kin? As a general matter, both common law and state statutes give first preference to spouses in determining what will happen to the deceased. If there is no spouse, decision-making authority goes by the same consanguinity rules that apply to inheritance. Legal disputes have arisen where same-sex partners or unmarried lovers are excluded from these decisions.


3. The Remains of the Dead: The Rights of the State
The state limits what survivors can do with the remains of the deceased or what the deceased can demand. Recording deaths, regulating the death business, and protecting corpses from abuse are all government functions, for reasons ranging from health and hygiene to crime control to fraud prevention


Saddam’s hanging

The controversy over the Saddam Hussein hanging video has now given way to a new controversy as a new video has emerged that shows the bloody corpse of Saddam Hussein after the hanging. The hanging video release was not what the government of Iraq had wished for.



By Premendra Agrawal