Dark is the nation and insane the king  


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Why should not imprisoned Soren be expelled? Is his crime smaller? PM said tainted Lalu Natwar would be minister until conviction. Are ouster MPs punished by the court? Is Speaker a dictator of India ?


I recall the story “Andher Nagari, Chaupat Raja ( Dark is the nation and insane the king) ”, where the King sentences a thin man, who’s innocent, to the gallows instead of the fat convict, whose guilt has been proven, just because the noose won’t fit him!


I am not the yes master of 99% parliamentarians and ministers who are trying to obtain the certificates of honest and clean. I also don’t want to be a sheep in the race. Don’t join wedding procession organized by the UPA and Somnath Chatterjee. Who murders judiciary and democracy?


Pakad jaye voh chor jo bach jaye voh sahukar

There is an old saying that money is the mother's milk of politics. Meanwhile, more sophisticated MPs are abusing the system in different ways. Brinda karat and Health Minister Ramadoss have unsuccessfully tried to discredit Swami Ramdev because of some hidden bargain with Coca, tobacco and pharmateual ccompanies.

Current example is of ormer Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi, who has been booked in 2003 by the CBI for allegedly offering bribes to BJP MLAs to engineer a split in the ruling party. CBI sources said investigators dealing with the case were of the firm opinion that a charge sheet against Jogi should be filed. But Additional solicitor-general Gopal Subramaniam gave the clean chit to Jogi.


Is Speaker should be a dictator of India ?

A day after Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said courts had no jurisdiction in the expulsion of 11 MPs linked to the cash-for-questions scam; the Delhi High Court sought his response Monday to petitions filed by some of the expelled parliamentarians. Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, sensing a showdown with the judiciary, had even thrown a cat among the pigeons by refusing to accept a notice from the courts on the petition.


Does Marxism guarantee freedom of speech?

Marxism says: Freedom of speech is freedom of death. Marxist Somnath Chatterjee has the right to censor Kahyap’s truth version, when Kashyap said against him or his Marxist ideology.


Somnath Chatterjee is being blamed to attack on the constitutional authority Judiciary, election commission and on Subhash Kashyap renowned constitutional authority through privilege motion.

"Freedom of speech is a fundamental right guaranteed in the Constitution. This should be maintained," Chatterjee


Rajdeep Sardesai has also faced the privilege motion.


To day against the speaker is defamation but speaker can say against any one. Even he could appreciate the armed revolution of Maoist in Nepal and he can say that naxalites who murders tribal and police are not criminal.


Somnath Chatterjee welcomed the SC’s decision!!

Somnath Chatterjee welcomes the SC decision to uphold the expulsion of tainted MPs.Further Lok Sabha Speaker termed as "unfortunate" the externment of four MPs from their respective constituencies in Bihar during the assembly polls.

Comrade Sumnath defames court because matter is now in the court. Tomorrow Speaker will say that sending jail to the MPs on order of a court is also undemocratic.


Soren Natwar Lalu Sonia Vs 11 ouster MPs

Shibu Soren is now in Tihar jail for life imprisonment. But still he is a member of parliament. Neither speaker nor Congress wanted to expel him. Lalu, Natwar and others are facing corruption charges. Lalu is facing fodder scam case in xhich he had also toured the prison. Congress has already said that Natwar was involved in Oil for Food scam. On the same reason of giving introductory letter to the bribe taker, Sonia Gandhi is also liable because she herself had given the same type of introductory letters to Natwar Singh. Why can not Sonia Gandhi and others be expelled as 11 ouster MPs?


Sonia Gandhi Somnath Chatterjee nexus and Mudgal of 1951

Selfish Gandhi has run away to play drama of renounce of the issue of ‘Office of Profit’ as corrupt Congress MP Mudgal run away without facing parliament in !951. Pt Nehru forced to say that Mudgal’s resignation was an insult of the parliament. On 23rd March, ’06 , rather than being ingloriously disqualified she chose to step down herself. This step of hers was hailed as SACRIFICE.


Sonia Gandhi and Somnath Chatterjee could get success in Office of profit Bill due to Lalu’s IIM-management skill. Citizens complained that their hard earn money should not be paid to criminals tainted junk terrorists Minister and parliamentarians. It is said that in the guidance of Sonia and Somnath Parliament passed a bill that provides for exempting 56 posts on the purview of double profit. Sonia, Somnath, Karn Sinh, Amar Singh feels free. ‘Shining India ’ lost. ‘Shining UPA’ wins the battle.


Congress amended Constitution more than100 times

Congress has amended Indian Constitution more than 100 times. It is ready to make the law for inclusion of the tainted leaders in the cabinet. Congress led government has passed the Office of Profit Bill to save Somnath Chatterjee and others. It abolished the POTA to give free hand to terrorists and their supporters. It can do all to be in power.


Who pushed Soren in death well?

In it’s more than 50 years rule, Congress never think about the Article 105. Because of this Narsimha Rao Government could be saved by the Congress by giving bribe which has already been proved and because of taking bribe Soren is pushed in the political death well by Congress.


MPs enhanced their salary themselve

All MPs buried their hatchets; sink their differences and ruse as one to welcome the enhanced salary and perks. Please let me know such any example of the world.


Somnath Chatterjee shielded Lalu in fodder scam

In 2 May 1997 Somanath Chatterji tried to shield Lalu Yadav in fodder scam, In the history of CPM first time Mr Surjeet took his hard-line stance against his part’s MP to say, “It has been brought to my notice that when the whole country is seized of the fodder scam in which the Bihar chief minister along with two ministers have been named some politicians are trying to provide a cover up to them by concentrating fire against the CBI.


Suprme Court : Mr. Clean & Bully Lalu

Mr.Clean PM argued that tainted ministers should be "presumed innocent" until conviction in the cases against them. Then "Does that assumption of innocence come to play, while, making other such appointments? Can a person facing rape charges be appointed as a judge or an Election Commissioner," an apex court bench asked. "If a trial court finds a prima facie case against a person under Section 376 (rape) or 302 (murder), and frames charges against him, can he be given a sensitive post of a Cabinet minister," the court asked.

“There are three persons in Manmohan Singh's council of Ministers who are accused in cases of murder and rape. Manmohan Singh is a fool. Pranab Mukherjee is a midget. Chidambaram is a nasty little conspirator. ” Natwar Singh


Somnath Chatterjee’s attack on judiciry


Somnathda trying to make judiciary a controvercy, Surjeet who never attends court in the case filed against him by Anupam Kher. At the time of Jharkhand controversy on March 16, Loksabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said the Supreme Court had crossed the "lakshman rekha", though he himself crosses that. "I can't expect the Supreme Court to pass an unreasoned judgment. I am sure it will not be treated as the law of the land. It is not a law declared by the Supreme Court as law of the land. It is just an interim order", Somnath said out of parliament. Somnath’s attack on judiciary is not sudden. It has Marxist background E.M.S Namboodiri pad v. T.N. Nambiar, AIR 1970 Supreme Court 2015, Dhavan Former Governor of WB, Surjeet, Yechury have said against judiciary system.


Architect of CPI (M) Namboodiri pad had attacked Judiciary

When the Chief Minister of Kerala publicly proclaimed that "Marx and Engels considered the judiciary as an instrument of oppression and even continues to be so," he was charged with contempt of court in the case reported as E.M.S.Namboodiri pad v. T.N. Nambiar, AIR 1970 Supreme Court 2015

The Chief Minister had also alleged that "judges are guided and dominated by class hatred, class interests and class prejudices and where the evidence is balanced between a well-dressed, pot-bellied rich man and a poor, ill-dressed and illiterate person, the judge instinctively favours the former."

Reasoning that "the likely effects of his words must be seen and they have clearly the effect of lowering the prestige of judges and courts in the eyes of the people...," the Supreme Court of India ruled that "...there is not a semblance of doubt in our minds that the appellant was guilty of contempt of court." The possibility that the Chief Minister's charge had any grain of truth did not receive consideration by the court, since truth is not a defence when proceeded against for contempt.


SC’s decision is a "statesman like decision"

Former attorney general Soli J Sorabjee and senior advocate Fali S Nariman, possibly the two best constitutional experts, saluted the SC's verdict bestowing Parliament with the power to expel MPs, saying it was a "statesman like decision".

Both were happy that the constitutional provisions found the right interpretation — first, Parliament's supremacy in dealing with its own affairs and second, the apex court as the final arbiter in deciding all questions of constitutional importance.

Somnathda is again and again trying to throw judiciary in controversy. At the time of Jharkhand controversy on March 16, Loksabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said the Supreme Court had crossed the "lakshman rekha", though he himself crosses that.



In her eve of jail interview to BLITZ Editor R.K. Karanjia, Mrs. Indira Gandhi declared that she was determined to fight her way back into Parliament if expelled “I will stand from the same constituency” Chikmagalur-as soon as the by election is declared”, she undauntedly announced


The President of India had made a reference to the Supreme Count under Article 143(1) (Special) Reference No 1 of 1964).

The Supreme Court opinion unequivocally held that the court has jurisdiction to deal with such a petition and to quash the committal where the Legislature has exceeded its privilege. It also held that the Indian legislatures are not as supreme as the British Parliament, and therefore May’s Parliamentary Practice has to be read subject to those and other such limitations


Somanath Chatterjee being a speaker of Lok Sabha wants to be a dictator of India.



By Premendra Agrawal