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  Cheer-haran of Bharatmata? Read National Dharm Granth Geeta: HC
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Draupadi Bharatmat Cheer-haran Geeta National Granth Dharm Yuddha III High Court Raja Ravi Verma Pandav Dice Sonia Shakuni Mahabharat Sudarshan Gandiv Sri Sri Ahalya Brihannala Bharat Hindu democratic Ballet Sword Dynasty Angkor Bible Christ Videshi Bahu Roti; tag this


No Existence of Christ and Bible: Should Govt not say?

High Court says Geeta be national. Govt says No.The Supreme Court has permitted dismantling poisonous ship 'Blue Lady', as reported by media. Govt controlled by a lady, has filed affidavit in SC aiming to ruin Ram Sethu to declare that neither Ram went to Sri Lanka nor war happened between Ram and Ravan. Can Sonia dare to say this about the non-existence of Christ and Bible?



Keral Govt will give Raja Ravi Varma award to MF Hussain who made nude paintings of Bharatmata. Is this not national shame? Is this not Cheer-haran of Bharatmata to remind Draupadi Cheer-haran? See the hundreds paintings of Raja Ravi Varma related to Mahabharat and decide what punishement you want to give culprit Leftist and Congressee Governments which treat MF Hussain a culprit of Bharat equal to great Raja Ravi Verma.


Bharta mata-Draupadi vs Culprit MF Hussain and Govt

Pandvas people of India accepted defeat in the democratic dice game played by fake fraudulent seculary Shakunis on behalf of Adharmi Congress and communists. Where is Gandiv? Where is Sudarshan Chakra? Where is sword of Shivaji? Why can tibal rishis saints of Bastar Jharkhand not live peaceful life? Why is dance of demons Kashmir to Kanyakumari? Why should Budhia and Niskam children of Maharana Pratap eat bread-roti of grass?

Why videshi roti to import poisonous wheat?

Who import of videshi bahus?


Was Brihannala Eunuch for forever?

There are many who received Arjun and other so many awards from Rashtrapati for their braveries and other distinguished abilities.

Why do Arjun-Brihannalas disguise as a eunuch? Where are weapons of Indian youths Pandavas? Where is such tree?


Ahalyas of Durgavahini Statues for forever?

Why are Ahalyas of Durgavahini standing as stone statues? Gautama cursed Ahalya to become a stone, from which curse she was freed when Rama visited the ashram and laid his foot on her.

Ahalyas have full confidence that their Ram will come.


Shivaji Sword

Modi will bring back Shivaji’s sword as Mallya brought Tipu’s sword. Is this not time to sharp the democratic ballet sword? Marxist Finane Minister calls to burn glorious past of India.


Wake up Lions, heirs of Dushyant’s Bharat

Wake up Lions, heirs of Dushyant’s Bharat. The youth of Bharat is not in a coma ... King Bharat, son of Dushyant and Shakuntala was ended the dynasty system ...Time come again. Oh! Awake, Lions awake again! Ruin the dynasty rule in India. Ruin the Indianless government, which wants to ruin Ram Sethu, and ignores the golden words of learned judge of the High Court of India.

Geeta (Gita) makes you fearless:

So read Geeta again and again to be fearless as suggested by High Court.

Why did Sunita William take Gita with her?


Turn ancient Hindu weapons in the democratic weapons

Hindu weapons mainly are Ankus; Brahmastra; Chakram; Chentu; Farsha; Gandiva; Kaumodaki; Mahabharata Sword; Narayanastra; Pashupatastra; Shiva Dhanush; Sudarshana Chakra; Trishula; Vaishnavastra; Vajra; Varunastra; Vayavastra; Vel. There should be a laboratory to convert them in to democratic weapons. There should be such democratic awakening products in every home of India as call given by Sri Sri Ravishankar. Is this not possible? Should impossibility be a word in the dictionary of our youths?


Ghost of Prince of Nepal and Romeo in India

UK US UNESCO saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism:

Hindu chaplain to deliver prayer in US Senate: US heritage body wants Ram Setu preserve. Seculars should not be in the role of Late Prince of Nepal Dipendra? They should not be Neros who sang to see fire in Rome?


Is India governed by Talibani dynasty or Shadow of pope

 “Do you also have a Ramayana in India?” Indonesian Muslim Women asked.

Citizens of South Indian Countries asked us, “Are you Hindusthani? Are Hindus still in India? No, Hindus are not in India. There are Anti-Hindus with Hindu names and Hindu make up to deceive Hindus to encourage conversion, terrorism, Naxal-Maoism, Separatism and infiltrations.

Who imported love affairs from abroad to divide India and again to disunite India? They might be heaven or hel…. but their heirs are still deceiving peoples.


Hindu temple figures on the national flag of Cambodia

Angkor Wat, a pride of Cambodia is the only Hindu temple figures on a national flag of Cambodia. Have India dare to do this? Why does Italian led Congress Government become mentally disturbed to hear the judgement of HC on Geeta? Why is pain in the stomaches of fake secular leaders?


“Thai have Suvarnbhumi International Air Port. Have you in India?”

“ Have you seen any ocean with in an airport? If not then please see that Samudramanthan, churning of the milky ocean in our Suvarnbhumi Airport.



“ The Garuda is a Hindu god; Indonesia's national airline is named for the Garuda. Have you named any Garuda in India”


Garud truth of Ram Sethu landed at America

Now after NASA Garud of Ramayan has landed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.


Don’t allow the converion of Indian Culture

The Srivijayan kingdom of Sumatra (200s – 1400s A.D.) was instrumental in bringing Hinduism to Indonesia and promoting it throughout the neighboring areas. Srivijayan last king converted to Islam and founded the Sultanate of Malacca on the Malay Peninsula. Should Indian want to see the same fate of India in the Kingdom of Congress?

Maysian Mulsims do not call themselves heirs of the Hindu kingdom of Srivijayan dynasty. Like that Andhra CM, Jogi, Alwa, Oskar Fernadis, Antoney forget their forefathers.


B.R.Chopra’s "Mahabharat"

B.R.Chopra’s "Mahabharat" outstripping all the other serials on the popularity chart with a viewership of 96 percent - the highest ever for any television show across the globe flied high. A little-known story associated with the making of "Mahabharat" script of which was written by Rahi Masoom Raza.


What does Hindu mean?

Rahi Masoom Raza wrote in his one article:” Hindu word is not connected any religion. The people of Arab and Iran are calling Indian Muslim Hindu. Means ‘Hindu’ is the name of Hindustani Kaum. When in my thesis I wrote the same then renowned personality of Urdu deleted the same line.” The Supreme Court described the same theme on ‘Hindu’ word.


Mahabharat III Dhrirashra=Congress, Bhism=Manmohan, Shakuni= Sonia

Original ‘Mahabharat’ was written by Brahmrishi Ved Vyasa, the ancient philosopher thinker who was known to be the fountain of all human knowledge, it has been translated into many languages and even presented in ballet form in far off western and oriental countries.

Is Dharm Yuddh III coming?

Now events are again taking grounds for Dharm Yuddha III. Actors are the heirs and the followers of the above. Manmohan is acting the role of Bhism, Sonia Gandhi as Shakuni and Congress as Dhritrashtra.


Are Hindus themselves culprits and victims both?

Who have given free hand to anti Hindu Indianless elements to ruin our culture and country? Who call to ignore HC on Geeta? Who circulates Rupees conis with Christian Cross mark? Who want to ruin Ram Sethu? Are you Hindu? Are you India? Does it mean tolerance of Hindus? Boy cott such Hindus who feel shame to say “ Garv se kaho ham Hindu hain”

* This side that side


Dishonor of Bharatmata

Hindu God Goddesses

And now representation of

Italinan-born in UNO!

Oh Lord Krishna

Re-born re-born again

Give victory in

Mahabharat again

We can't wait

Can't wait no long

Hear my pray

Oh Lord Krishna:














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