CBI for Interpol and Noida Wave up to Sasaram Mainpat


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By Premendra Agrawal



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CBI 20 men take training from Interpol. More skeletons in Noida & human skulls in Sasaram are found. Mainpat is also towards Noida. Two persons arrested with two Indian smuggled children in UAE.



The CBI teams probing the Nithari serial killings on Saturday found more human remains, including several body parts and bone pieces. Forensic experts with CBI have collected the evidences of the blood samples from the D-5 which was removed by the culprits. Experts have knowledge and instruments for this.


Paedophilia: Since the agency has not handled paedophilia (Sexual desire of children) cases in the past, 20 investigating officers from the CBI will be trained by Interpol to fight crimes against children. Trainers from Italy , UK , China and Nepal will conduct the three-day training course for CBI officers. The Interpol training program will cover areas like problems in sexual abuse investigation, technical aspects of investigation and handling child witnesses.

Sasaram ( Bihar ) is the area where former minister of Nehru’s cabinet was elected as MP. Now it is the parliamentarian area of present minister Ram Vilas Paswan. As reported on jan 13, In yet another startling recovery, many a dozen human skulls was found near here, Sahara Samay sources said. According to the channel, these human skulls were found near Badshahi bridge area in South Bihar here. After the ghastly killings in Nithari, the recovery of human skulls in Sasaram has created flutter in the area.


Mainpat (Chhattisgarh): As reported by various news agencies Mainpat in Chhattisgarh, has also become the main centre for children smuggling. No doubt Nithari, in fact, is an example of how the poor and the weak have just no place in the Indian system. After that media publish serial killings and kidnapping news daily.


Mainpat Fendeyling Tibetan Settlement was first established by the Government of India in 1962 to rehabilitate 1400 Tibetan refugees who have come to India in the aftermath of the Chinese annexation of Tibet in 1959. Mainpat is called as Shimla of Surguja (Chhattisgarh). Tibbettians are rehabilitated at mainpat, which run small industries of designer mat (Kalin) and woolen cloths. For worship they have made beautiful Buddha temple.


In past few days 16 missing tribal children have been reported in the police station. Onkarnath yadav member of Bisarpani village of Mainpat reported some missing boys aging 9 to 14 from his village.


Police source disclosed that Pattram alias Pradeep Uraon has relation with children smugglers of Delhi , Shimla and other cities. In the enquiry he accepted that he does this crime with the help of his wife Lali and other woman Lalita. Both women are in Shimla at present. Parents of the missing children are very poor.


There is a report published in Gulf country UAE that there is regular smuggling of Indian children from Mumbai to Paris . There is also case hearing against two persons who are involved in this type of crime. They accepted that they kidnapped two children from Mumbai. Now both children are sheltering in Indian Embassy there.


The Supreme Court on Jan 11 said the Nithari killings could have been averted if the state government had shown willingness to bring about. This is the proof how we are careful for the ‘ India of tomorrow’. Former Delhi Police commissioner Ajai Raj Sharma, who is a UP cadre IPS officer, says:” "The mindset is still feudal where policing is concerned. The police is just a puppet in the hands of the ruling party. And the biggest resulting aberration is that the police is insensitive to the people, worried only about their masters. Caste and religion are factors in posting officials, and not merit. Noida may have everything but unless the police becomes responsive to the people, it can never become a model district,"


An initial wave of revulsion swept through the country after details of the mass killings in Nithari village of Noida - a suburb of the Indian capital, Delhi - unfolded like one grotesque sequence after another of a horror film. The fear wave of Noida has already reached in Mumbai also. After reading about the Noida incident, I was worried and have started dropping off my daughter to school myself," a resident of Mumbai said. There has been horror and shock among the parents of Bhopal also who have missing children.


The ingredients of the "truth serum" given to the two suspects and details about narco-analysis and polygraph lie detector tests seem to be occupying more space in media than the real issue which is most probably also related to the organ trade. Even there are news only about the two culprits Mohinder and Surendra. No finger is being raised about the other possible suspects. How can reach these invisible suspects to media to Government and political parties? Police left CDs and other evidences related to the out going and incoming of Police officers and VIPs in the D-5. Now CBI found these.


Children are the most vulnerable individuals in our society; they are also the most precious commodity that the world has and have a right to be protected from all forms of abuse. Interpol as an organization is also committed to eradicating the sexual abuse of children and has passed several resolutions making crimes against children one of International policing top priorities.


To prevent a crime and especially prevent a child from being abused is the goal of all law enforcement agencies. Interpol’s Specialist Group on Crimes against Children focuses on four different arenas; commercial exploitation and trafficking in Children; sex offenders; serious violent crimes against children and child pornography, and represent a worldwide forum of specialist dealing with this type of crimes.


Missing boy in Belgium in the search of his Indian parents of TN

Some years back, Indore-based couple Anuj and Nidhi Bhargava received an e-mail from a boy in Belgium . In the e-mail, the boy, whose name was Arun wrote that he had been kidnapped 15 years ago from somewhere in Chennai and taken to an orphanage, where he was later sold to a Belgian couple for $7,500.


Every year, in the country, thousands of children go missing. What happens to them is anybody's guess. A few, like Arun manage to initiate contact with their families. However, many end up without being traced. For a parent, a missing child is perhaps worse than death, since death at least has finality and does not leave you hanging.

Number of non-reported missing children is so many times larger than the reoirted missing children. However, each ones details is recorded in a central database managed by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, whose success ratio at finding such children is almost 96%.

In India , there have been efforts like Doordarshan's announcement of missing persons in its black and white days as well as success of programs like Missing hosted by actor Jackie Shroff that proved that if information was consistently circulated, it was possible to locate many missing children.


National Centre for Missing Children

There is an organization in Indore MP India for helping the parents whose children are missing. Needy parents can find details at:

A missing child is a parent's worst nightmare. Every day thousands of children are reported missing. Many are never found. Many of the kidnappings/abductions end tragically in rape, assault and death. National Centre for Missing Children (NCMC) is a non political, non profit making and a non-governmental organization offering the services free of charge. The site is presented for the parents, guardians, law enforcement agencies, free of charge, on a one to one manner as an alternative and unconventional method for locating a missing child who is lost or is suspected of having been kidnapped or is a runaway. It serves as a complement for the conventional methods and is not intended to interfere with the system's procedures or to promote false hope.



By Premendra Agrawal