Dr. Singh done cosmetic surgery on racist Goody in Big Brother


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Trio racists Jade Goody Danielle Lloyd & Jo O'Meara are history sheeters. Biographies of trio are in this article. Shetty is paid £345,000 on the basis that she doesn't voluntarily leave. Why protest?



The celebrities are normally paid by Big Brother for their appearances, on the basis that they don't voluntarily leave. Shetty, who has been paid a reported £345,000 to appear on the reality TV contest


The trio accused of bullying Shetty are former Big Brother contestant Jade Goody, model Danielle Lloyd and Jo O'Meara, a former singer with the band SClub7.

A number of complaints have been received by British broadcasting regulator Ofcom about the behaviour of above trio. By January 17 Ofcom has received 22,000 complaints from members of the public.


First Notorious Racist Goody’s taunts

She is a disgusting execuse for a human being, a huge fat ugly pig. An ignorant bullying piece of crap. She is every thing that is wrong with the world today, and I would gladly run her through with a rusty blade.

Among Jade's other comments were: " I've seen how she goes in and out of people's arseholes"

On one occasion Goody remarked that Shetty "makes my skin crawl", while Lloyd said she did not want to eat a chicken cooked by Shetty, adding: "You don't know where those hands have been."

O'Meara said: "I don't trust that chicken, I want to eat it, but I'm scared."

In addition, Shetty's accent has been ridiculed; she has been described as a "dog" and asked if she lived in a shack in India .


Three Celebrities walk out

The veteran film director Ken Russell left after a row with Goody, while the would-be rock star Donny Tourette scaled a wall rather than engage in a role playing game in which he would have to wait on Goody and her family.


Leo Sayer, who enjoyed a string of hits in the 1970s, used a broom handle to break out of the programme's set in Elstree, Hertfordshire, after the organisers refused to supply him with new underwear. Leo found it difficult to sleep on his first night in the house as he was forced to share a bed with Donny who was naked, a prospect that Leo found uncomfortable. Leo escaped from the house by breaking open a fire door with a broom after hitting a two-way mirror on Day 10 when Big Brother refused to provide him with clean underwear. It turned out later, he'd overlooked clean underwear in his suitcase. He was at the time up for eviction and, though he did not know it, leading the poll.


Saddam Hussein was a boxer: Goody

Born in Bermondsey, London Jade Goody worked as a dental nurse before coming to public attention in 2002 when she was a contestant in the third series of the UK version of Big Brother . Jade Goody is a Reality Telivision celebrity. Her Net worth is in English pound 4 million.


Goody was denounced in the British tabloid press for among other things threatening to "deck" (or rather hit) another contestant who claimed that Goody had a verruca on her foot.


More notoriously she displayed a high level of ignorance. She assumed that Cambridge was out of UK. She also believed that Saddam Hussein was a boxer.


Goody ascused in theft

On October 4 , 2005 Goody was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting a £16 denim

jacket from an Asda supermarket in Harlow , Essex . She was later released after police decided there was not enough evidence to charge her


Writrers write column for her in her name

Goody also writes a weekly column for NOW magazine. However, she admitted on her show Just Jade that she gives her opinions on things to the writers and they write the column for her.


“I’m dying, I’m dying”

Goody signed up for the 2006 London Marathon . She did not finish the course, collapsing after 34 km (21 miles) of the 42.195 km (26.2 miles) and was taken to The Royal London Hospital to recover overnight. The Sun Jade Goody wailed “I’m dying, I’m dying” as medics helped her into an ambulance after her dramatic London Marathon collapse.


A spokesman said the Big Brother dimwit — who told BBC1 presenter Sue Barker she had gorged on Chinese takeaways, curries and beer in her training diet — would be kept in for observation.


NRI Surgeon Dr. Kam Singh gifted her beauty

On 10 January 2007 The Sun newspaper revealed that Goody had undergone a procedure called Smart Liposuction at the Leicester surgery of cosmetic surgeon Dr Kam Singh, the same surgeon who had given her mother a new body on the LIVINGtv/ Five series "Extreme Makeover


On 26 December 2006 , Goody released a new fitness video "Jade’s Shape Challenge." The formerly flabby mum of two, who has earned a large piece of her estimated £8 million fortune from fitness DVDs, stated: "The difference is amazing and it’s very satisfying to know I’ve achieved it myself.”


But The Sun claims Goody's sleek new figure is the result of cosmetic surgery.

She allegedly paid £4,500 for the fat removal procedure at the Beau Aesthetica clinic in Leicester . It was allegedly carried out by Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Kam Singh - the same surgeon who transformed Jade's mother, Jackiey, for TV show Extreme Makeover. A source told the newspaper: "She hasn't earned that figure - she bought it.

Goody previously had a stormy, on and off relationship with TV presenter and fellow reality television regular Jeff Brazier who is the father of her two sons, Bobby Jack, born a month early on June 6, 2003 and Freddie, born in September 2004. Goody has stated she is of mixed race.


Second Racist Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd (born Liverpool 16 December 1983) is an English glamour model and former Miss England (2004). She was stripped Miss Great Britain (2006), title for dating a panel judge, footballer Teddy Sheringham and posing for Playboy. Danielle was a servant during the Master and Servant task. Now he is her partner in life.


Lloyd made a memorable appearance on BBC One's Test the Nation.

Question on BBC1's Test the Nation: "Who was Winston Churchill - A rapper, US President, The PM or King?"

Teddy Sheringham's girlfriend, Racist Danielle Lloyd: "Wasn't he the first black president of America ? There's a statue of him near me - that's black."


At age 16 Lloyd began modelling, frequently entering competitions in and around Liverpool. Upon finishing her academic studies, she decided to pursue a career in modelling and also train as a beautician.

However, just as she was beginning her career, Lloyd was brutally attacked by her boyfriend of the time. She was dragged from her moving car after an argument with him, suffering terrible grazes and severe bruising to her body and losing most of her hair. Lloyd later said of the attack:

“Deep down you can’t forget what’s happened no matter how much counselling you have. You blame yourself and tell yourself you deserve it – I was given help when I most needed it and I want to be able to help others now. Too many women (1 in 4) suffer domestic violence at some time and support centres such as Women’s Aid aren’t able to answer all of the calls due to being under resourced. I'll always do all that I can to help raise awareness and help people. Being in a violent relationship, you are constantly living in fear – and that’s no way for anyone to live their life”


On 11 January 2007 it was revealed that Lloyd was being sued by the Miss Great Britain company for breaking her contract and bringing the company into disrepute. The company is asking for full revelation of the sums she earned for the Playboy pictures, plus costs


Third Recist is Jo O'Meara

Jo O'Meara (born April 29, 1979) was previously a member of the pop group S Club 7 and a former contestant on Just the Two of Us. She also had a brief solo career before pursuing a career in dog breeding.


During the filming of the movie, Jo had an accident on set during one of the stunts which hurt her back, limiting S Club's dance routines and leaving her out of the group for a brief period. Jo's voice remained, however, her vocals were re-recorded by Rachel Stevens for use during live television performances.


O'Meara has been criticised for comments made about fellow housemate Shilpa Shetty and for imitating her accent. During airing of the show, Jo stated that she believed that all Indians are thin because they undercook their food, resulting in a public outcry in India


Celebrity Big Brother 2007 is the fifth series of the United Kingdom reality television series Celebrity Big Brother, a spin-off of Big Brother. The series is currently broadcasting on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom (also on S4C in Wales), and involves a number of celebrities known as housemates, who live in the Big Brother House with no contact with the outside world. In recent series, the show's producers have offered celebrities money to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.


This is the current, ongoing series

In the house:

Jermaine Jackson

Danielle Lloyd

Jo O'Meara

Shilpa Shetty

Ian "H" Watkins

Cleo Rocos

Dirk Benedict

Jade Goody

Jack Tweedy


Carole Malone

Jackiey Budden


Leo Sayer

Donny Tourette

Ken Russell


Now Channel 4 did admit last night there had been a "cultural and class clash" between Shetty and her three alleged tormentors. While Shetty appears intent on remaining on the set, three housemates have already quit the show for various reasons


UPA government, media and others are now too much vocal on the racism in UK with the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. But see how seculars welcomed the exhibiton at London of M F Hussain’s nude paintings:

MF Hussain: London Vs India

The Times of India (May 24) carried a story of an exhibition held in Asia House in London of two nude portrayals of Hindu goddesses drawn by M.F.Husain—and the shocking thing is that the exhibition was inaugurated by none else than India’s High Commissioner, Kamalesh Sharma, who is probably telling himself how liberal Hindus are and how forgiving even when their gods and goddesses are mocked and insulted.

Due to ‘Hindu Human Rights protest Tony Blair banned the exhibition and because of this secular Indian Government on the instruction of Christian Sonia blocked the website of Hindu Human Rights to say that it was necessary to prevent further Mumbai serial train blastings! Have you heard any joke greater than this?



By Premendra Agrawal