Jade Goody is invited by UPA Govt: Forget Hema Malini


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Why invitation to goody by full page adv in UK media? Congress divides Mumbaikars for votes. Locals from Mumbai, Hema Malinis and Shilpa’s home town have nicknamed Goody, Jade ‘Cutey’: sound as Goody. Jan 26, Goody got visa from Indian Ambassy for coming into India.



Jade Goody Vs Hema and Shilpa

Locals from Mumbai, Hema Malinis and Shilpa’s home town, have not taken too kindly to Goody’s attempts at building bridges. They have nicknamed Goody, Jade ‘Cutey’. Pronounced like Goody, the word means female dog or bitch.


Indians embraced Italian. Then how one can imagine that people can boycott our own people North Indians? But Congress wants to insult Hema Malini because Shilpa Shetty belongs to South India . Congress is habitual to be work under foreigners. So Congress government has invited Racist Jade Guddy.


Congress by foreigner

Congress was born by foreigner and now took bredth in the leadership of foreigner.

After the row over alleged racism in Big Brother, when the Indian tourism office published a full page advertisement in several newspapers. In the form of an open letter to Ms Goody, it read: "Once your current commitments are over, may we invite you to experience the healing nature of India . We look forward to welcoming you soon."


At the time, it seemed that India had seized upon a brilliant opportunity to promote its tourist industry. But it looks as if the move may have backfired after Ms Goody announced on television she was planning to take up the offer.


Goody accepted offer but UPA is in confusion

"I'm thinking of going over there because I've been invited," Goody told Five, saying the invitation had come from some 'high-up people'. Sources close to her have been quoted as saying she wants to come to apologise personally.


"Suddenly, we have elevated Goody to the status of an official guest," the Indian Express quoted one source as spluttering, adding that the decision to publish the open invitation had been "immature".


According to an Indian newspaper, Goody’s invitation to India by the tourist board has not gone down well with government officials. A spokesperson said, ‘People will be hostile. Since she has accepted the invitation, we are bound to provide protection for her. She cannot just go unnoticed’


Although Ms Goody would be unrecognisable to the vast majority of Indians, there are real grounds for concern. Effigies of the programme's producers were burnt in the eastern city of Patna at the height of the controversy, and any visit by Ms Goody could easily be seized on by a local political group for its own ends.


Congress policy evokes some north Indians to burn effigy of Hema Malini instead of Goody.


Jade Goody has Indian connection

Bottles of Goody’ perume Shh are manufactured by Bharauch Gujarat based Indian Factory. This Factory’s office is in Mumbai.


On 10 January 2007 ‘The Sun’ newspaper revealed that Goody had undergone a procedure called Smart Liposuction at the Leicester surgery of cosmetic surgeon Dr Kam Singh, the same surgeon who had given her mother a new body on the LIVINGtv/ Five series "Extreme Makeover


On 26 December 2006 , Goody released a new fitness video "Jade’s Shape Challenge." The formerly flabby mum of two, who has earned a large piece of her estimated £8 million fortune from fitness DVDs, stated: "The difference is amazing and it’s very satisfying to know I’ve achieved it myself.”


But The Sun claims Goody's sleek new figure is the result of cosmetic surgery.

She allegedly paid £4,500 for the fat removal procedure at the Beau Aesthetica clinic in Leicester . It was allegedly carried out by Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Kam Singh - the same surgeon who transformed Jade's mother, Jackiey, for TV show Extreme Makeover. A source told the newspaper: "She hasn't earned that figure - she bought it.

Goody previously had a stormy, on and off relationship with TV presenter and fellow reality television regular Jeff Brazier who is the father of her two sons, Bobby Jack, born a month early on June 6, 2003 and Freddie, born in September 2004. Goody has stated she is of mixed race.


Smell of Goody is good to Congress

The plant in India which makes perfume bottles endorsed by British television star Jade Goody has stopped production following the Big Brotherracism row. Congress led UPA Government has invited Jade Guddy by giving one full page adv in UK newspaper. Stephen Noronha, vice-president of Pragati Glass where the perfume bottles are made, told the Times of India: "The bottles were in production this morning but our client in UK asked us to stop production."


Goody’s Perfume turn woman racist

A London woman is set to sue Celebrity Big Brother contestant and 'pig faced nazi' Jade Goody, because she claims her perfume turned her racist.

" I never 'ad a racist bone in my body," she told reporters yesterday, " Until I used Jade's perfume. Next fing I know, it's darkie this 'an bananna boat that. I was disgusted wiv meself."


Goody’s perfume being pulled from all 150 of The Perfume Shop stores in the United Kingdom .


Congress to divide and rule

Congress can’t live without power. Divide and rule is its policy. It blamed Shivsena for dividing Mumbai in Maharashtrians and non-Maharashtrias. Now same policy is being adopted by Congress in the on going Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s election. It divided India to rule partitioned India . After that it ruled and still rules to divide India on caste and religion basis. The problems which might be faced by Independent United India would not be greater than at present. We are more disunited at present than the preindependent India .


Half North Indian is 100 times better than Half Indian

MPCC spokesperson Husain Dalwai said “ She should also remember that her husband (actor-MP Dharmendra) is a north Indian and her children are also half-north Indian,” If Hema Malini is half north Indian than what is his leader Sonia Gandhi? Is not she half Indian? Is not this insult of Indian to lead by half Indian?


Dalwai also said "she should remember that she is an MP first and then an actor before making such irresponsible statement". Dalwi should prach this lesson to his leader Sonia Gandhi “She should remember that she is Indian first so she should not keep Italian citizenship and she should disowned her house in Italy”’

Meanwhile, Supreme Court lawyer Nand Kishore Jha, on behalf of Sakeel Saifi, Chairman of Muslim Yuva Aantakwad Virodhi Samiti, sent a legal notice to Hema Malini expressing his client's "hurt" sentiments". What did this samiti for hanging the terrorist Afzal?


Sanjay Nirupam was in Shivsena. Now he is in Congress. What is a greatness of ‘da badal’? Now he wants to lead UP siders residing Mumbai. So Congress makes Hema Malini an issue. Hema herself is South Indian menas non-Maharshtrian. Then how can she intentionally say to Uttar Bhartiyas to leave Mumbai. Half mad only can think like that.


BJP on the issue

Her remarks are being misrepresented,” party spokesperson Prakash Javdekar told The Telegraph. “She made a very good speech. Later, she was cornered by all kinds of questions. To a specific question about north Indians, she made a statement. What she really meant was that she was comfortable in Mumbai despite the fact that she is not from Maharashtra .”

Party MP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who heads the BJP’s central election management and campaign committee, said Hema would be asked to campaign in both Punjab and Uttarakhand. “There is no controversy.”


Healing touch by Goody as in the past healing touch by Beney Hinn

The Indian Tourism Ministry’s multi-million dollar Incredible India campaign to woo foreign tourists has now been running for more than three years.

"Any free citizen can apply for a visa to visit India . That is all. There will not be any preference for Jade Goody and she will not be an official guest," a spokesman for the ministry said

Soon after the row broke out, India's Tourism Department placed open advertisements in leading London dailies inviting Goody to visit India to experience its "healing touch".


Inviting Goody is not a new initaitive of Congress. Before this former CM of Karnatak Adharm had invited and made arrangements for Beny hinn at Bangalore on the instuction of Sonia Gandhi. That function was to influence Hindus to convert in to Christianity. Glady staines had returned back for forever to her home county. But Congress invited him to come back India. Congess government gave her ‘Padmshree’ for her veicancity job to convert tribal of Orissa in to the Christianity.


Few days before Gujarat Congress organized a great circus rally of tribals for Sonia Gandhi. There were few wooden cutout hoardings of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and others. But only behind Rahul Gandhi’s hoarding was shown sun rising to project him taller than his parents. In that rally Textile Minister Shanar Singh Vaghela called Narendra Modi ‘Donkey’ to please Sonia Gadhi.



By Premendra Agrawal