Capt Amrinder with daughter of Yahya Khan’s Rani General
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By - Premendra Agrawal



Love affairs of ‘Amrinder Singh with the Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam, mother of Pak Singer and daughter of Yayhya Khan’ Rani General, is the talk of this week in the media and political circle. As report comes from the Chandigarh, Aroosa Alam said on Dec 26, the relationship of her with Amrinder Singh was only a friendship, and that she “is definitely not an ISI agent”.



Fatwa against Love

But the matter doesn’t seem to be ending with that. As the Pakistani journalist addressed the media, Maulana Mabibur Rehman Shahi Imam, Jama Masjid Ludhiana, issued a fatwa in Ludhiana against him.

As per Islamic law, the Ludhiana cleric said, any Muslim woman and her paramour, if found to be having illicit relations, are liable to be punished by stoning to death in public. The Maulana even went a step further ~ he called upon Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to immediately order an inquiry into this “affair” (the relationship) to find out whether, Aroosa had any relations with ISI or any other intelligence agency of Pakistan.


Love affairs in Indian Politics

We have heard about the love affairs of Pt Nehru with Lady Mountbatten.

CIA on Romantic Nehru

Rahul Gandhi followed him to make Columbian and other girl friends. Rajiv Gandhi brought his wife from Italian village. For the time being he is Rahul Baba (Saint) in roadshows.

Rahul in Gandhigiri to marry

We love who love foreign culture or of foreign origin.

Kiss Hug in Politics


Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam is mother of popular Pakistani actor and singer Fakhar-e-Alam and daughter of notorious "General Rani" who was Yahya Khan's mistress and later in jelousy house arrested by Julfifar Ali.Bhutto father of Benazir Bhutto.

Welcome to Bhutto and see offs to two Begums


CM of Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur is Member Parliament from Patiala and Natwar Singh is his brother in law (Bahnoi) as Lalu of Sadhu yadav. Amarinder Singh in Chandigarh on Monday denied the reports of affair but refused to take legal action against the newspapers.

Renounces: Sidhu vs Sonia Gandhi


Pakistan dictator Yahya Khan ignored Dhaka's popular leader Sheikh Mujibur Rehman's overwhelming victory in the Assembly elections. And restless for Independence, East Pakistan had plunged into a crisis. As riots broke out Yahya Khan ordered a military massacre


In the Newsline, columnist Ayesha Javed Akram has given the story of Rani General in an interesting way. Bio data of Aroosa Alam has been given in Indian media also especially by punjabnewsline.


Aroosa Alam

Aroosa nipped all efforts at contact with her mother in the bud, claiming that not only was General Rani far too unwell to entertain visitors, but also, her brothers were completely against their mother appearing in the press. "My mother has been hurt sufficiently by the media already; we don't want her private life exploited any further," stated a stern Aroosa.

Aroosa, same like her mother also got successful in making relationship with the big guns of Pakistan. She allured Hamid Nasir Chatha, a Jat politician from Guranwala district and had made close contacts with him.

She started her carrier from a daily Muslim first ever-English newspaper from capital Islamabad. She worked on defence matters and diplomatic issues also.She also worked for Weekly Hurrmat Urdu as a diplomatic correspondent. Now adays, she is working for Daily Pakistan Observer Islamabad. 

Find more interesting details about the Aroosa Alam and other remaining part related to this article.


Fakhr-e-Alam Pop Singer

Aroosa Alam married and had a son in 1976, Fakhr-e-Alam, who became more famous than her. At the age of 17, he launched a rap-bhangra-pop single entitled “Bhangra Pao”, and burst upon the musical firmament of Pakistan. Later he also starred in a Lollywood film, Very Good Duniya, Very Bad Loag,opposite Nirma (no, not our washing soap; she is a Lahory star). Nowadays he hosts a chat show entitled Bolain Kya Baat Hai.


Akleen Akhtar allias Rani General

Find full charming details about the Yahya Khan’s Rani Gerneral and other remaining part related to this artice.














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