Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should respond to the condition of the economy. He said that the PM should answer why “he has destroyed the economy.” Rahul’s attack came while he was speaking to the media in Wayanad.

“India’s biggest strength was its economy. That economy has been destroyed by Narendra Modi and BJP. There is joblessness in the country. GDP growth is not visible anymore. The government of India can give 1.25 lakh crores tax benefit to 15 people but people of Kerala had to beg for MNREG and have to beg for money for the roads. BJP should answer clearly. Is this the country for 15, 20 people?” he asked.

He further went on to say that, Modi should answer why he destroyed the Indian economy. “Why he has created massive levels of joblessness in the country. The youngsters cannot dream about getting a job in this country. That’s what Modi should be discussing,” he said.

Responding to the questions about FIR registered against eminent writers, Rahul Gandhi said that the country is moving to an authoritarian state.

Speaking in Kalpetta, Gandhi said, “Everyone knows what is happening in the country. In fact, the world knows what’s happening. Anybody who says anything against the PM, anybody who questions the government is put in jail. Media is crushed, everybody knows what’s going on. It’s not a secret,” he said.