The five-day Diwali festival has started today with ‘Dhanteras’, on this auspicious occasion, PM Modi has greeted the countrymen on Dhanteras, he wrote on Twitter that – ‘Dhanteras’ very much to all of you Congratulations. May Lord Dhanvantari bring happiness, prosperity, good luck and good health in everyone’s life. ‘ Let us tell you that today is being celebrated as Ayurveda Day, therefore PM Modi is also going to inaugurate two institutions on this special occasion.

‘Dhanvantari’ is also worshiped on this day. ‘Dhanvantari’ is also the god of medicine, so good health is also wished for him. According to the Puranas, when the sea churned between the gods and the demons, fourteen gems came out of the sea, one of which was the nectar. Lord Vishnu appeared as ‘Dhanwantari’ to immortalize the gods and came out of the sea with nectar in the urn, so it is said that worshiping ‘Dhanvantari’ pleased Maa Lakshmi. ‘Dhanvantari’ wrote the Sushruta Samhita, he was the first surgeon (surgeon) in the world. People buy gold and silver, let us tell you that on the day of ‘Dhanteras’ people buy utensils and gold and silver for the houses. On the day of ‘Dhanteras’, apart from Kubera, the deity also worships Yama, behind which there is a belief that his worship does not cause untimely death in the house. Today is Chitra Nakshatra and Preity Yoga and Friday is the best day for Lakshmi Pujan. Due to the Chaturdashi date from 5.59 in the evening, the lamp will be donated on this day.