Microsoft has announced a major revamp of the calling features in Microsoft Teams.The tech giant is making several enhancements to the Teams Calling service, including a more streamlined calling experience.

“We’re announcing several enhancements to Teams Calling that make it easier for organisations and their employees to strengthen connections and create new ones with just a quick call,” Microsoft said in a blog post. Teams will now bring the dial pad, call history, voice-mail, contacts, and settings into a single location for a more streamlined calling experience.

The conferencing platform will further allow Teams Admins to make OneDrive or SharePoint the default recording storage location, in lieu of Stream. “This new capability provides powerful capabilities such as sharing with external guests, quicker access to transcripts, and greater storage capacity,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft is also adding new spam, detection capabilities to calling on Teams. Teams will identify potential spam calls and digitally attest outgoing calls to prevent these calls from being rejected by external recipients, Microsoft said.