Smart speakers are Wi-Fi speakers that you can control using your voice. While Amazon, Apple and Google are the major players here, the Jeff Bezos firm stands tall in this fast-growing market, for the simple reason that it has a diverse product range and the best part is these are most user-friendly. Customers use the Alexa-powered Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Studio and more, for listening to music, devotional content, controlling smart home, kids’ learning and nursery rhymes, bill payments or just as a fun conversational assistant. The best part: Amazon’s smart speakers have seen a surge in popularity in recent months now that people can interact with them in Hindi as well.

“Emergence of Hindi as a voice command language will not only boost smart-speaker usage in the Hindi speaking non-metros but also open up the opportunity in cities where users prefer other regional languages,” said Debashis Chatterjee, associate vice-president, Karvy Insights, that recently brought out a study titled ‘Understanding Smart Speaker Usage in non-metro cities’. “The parents in smaller towns have realised that smart speakers can be a great tool in building their kid’s communication skills with proper diction and accent. The study also revealed that among those who are aware of smart speakers, Amazon Echo (with Alexa) had high awareness of 97%,” he revealed.