The bus of the mobile medical unit was seen under the Chief Minister’s Urban Slum Scheme. He did not have much time, so went to the bus thinking what is happening here? I will see Seeing near, it was known that there is a doctor. People are undergoing treatment. The crowd was less then. Rakesh looked at the clock and thought, why not take advantage of the opportunity in a lesser crowd. He immediately rushed to the mobile medical unit and got himself registered. He expressed his trouble. The doctors present on the occasion heard Rakesh’s problem and immediately gave him back pain medicine and ointment. Rakesh did not have a happy place as he was not able to waste his precious time in the examination and medication and treatment in a few minutes from the mobile medical unit. He praised the Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme and said that it is indeed very beneficial for the needy like me.

Rakesh Yadav, who lives in Professor Colony Raipur, said that when the team of Mobile Medical Unit reached his ward, he also got treatment for his back pain. Here doctors gave medicines after hearing her problem and asked to apply ointments. Rakesh got a lot of relief through the mobile medical unit team. He told that he is very busy. In such a situation, it is a great relief for him to be able to get treatment easily without any appointment with a doctor, without queuing up and without consulting fees.

Similarly, electrician Nerendra Kumar Soni had a problem with BP and sugar. He always spent money for his investigations in private hospital clinics. Today, when he saw the team of Mobile Medical Unit in the ward near his house, he immediately reached there and got himself examined. Without any charge from Narendra, the doctors examined his BP, sugar and gave medicines. When his treatment is done near the house without any money, Narendra praised the Chief Minister Urban Slum Scheme and said that this method of treating poor people free of cost near their own home is very commendable.