Agricultural scientists gave farmers weather-based agricultural advice. Agricultural scientists have given timely advice for prevention of insect pests, proper care and abundant yields in crops like wheat, pigeonpea, gram, mustard, linseed and sunflower, which are the main crops during the Rabi season. According to agricultural scientists of the Directorate of Agriculture, Raipur, irrigate wheat crop in the rabi season after 20 to 25 days of sowing. Toppressing the second amount of nitrogen at the time of first irrigation. In the wheat crop, in the stage of second irrigation bud, do it after about 40 to 50 days after sowing and at this time apply a third dose of nitrogen. In order to control fruitful insects in the state of turmeric, spray indoxacarb medicine @ 300gm in 500 liters of water is sprayed per hectare. Open the gram crop when it is 15 to 20 cm high. In the gram crop, first irrigate 40 to 45 days after sowing. If crop disease appears in the crop, it is recommended to do irrigation with sprinklers. The first irrigation in mustard crop should be done after 25 to 30 days of sowing in the condition of 4 to 6 leaves. At the time of first irrigation, the second quantity of nitrogen should be patted. Do other irrigation in mustard while flowering. In case of signs of restriction on the lower leaves, spraying of Metalexis should be done. In the same crop, first irrigation should be given 30 to 40 days after sowing and the remaining amount of nitrogen should be sprayed at the time of first irrigation. For better yield of sunflower crop, sow seeds of advanced variety Modern UANTS, 7-FUB, 1-HSB Volcano, Surya etc. In case of smear disease, spraying of 3 grams of tamper-containing mildew per liter of water is recommended.