Mayor Ejaz Dhebar today held a press conference at the completion of one year of his term and stated the achievements of the Municipal Corporation. Ejaz Dhebar, while counting his achievements for one year, said that a year ago he said that the fate of Raipur will change and the picture, if the team plays better, then the name of the captain becomes the same. We do not consider Raipur as a city, we work as a capital. The public and the media have confirmed the work that we have done in a year.

The Mayor said that after the victory, we went to Delhi, where we saw the state of education and health and then opened 3 schools of English Medium in Raipur, today 10,000 applications have come. We also worked towards health. The BJP government spent 30 crores in the development of the old pond, we cleaned 1700 trucks of garbage in 25 days and cleaned the pond. We built Jayastambh Chowk. Built Kotwali police station, widened the road in front of Kotwali and Guruji Chowk.