Hemant Sharma, Raipur. Regarding the corona vaccination, state Health Minister TS Singhdev said that the preparation of the Health Department is at its level. Where we first took the initiative to establish 1100 vaccination centers. It has been increased to 1349. 2 lakh 67 thousand 399 front line health workers, whose names have now been registered. This will be the target group. Out of 28 districts, 7 districts did dry run. Out of the remaining 11 districts, there will be a dry run in 10 districts of Bastar and Surguja divisions today. Tomorrow there will be a dry run in 11 districts of the remaining three divisions. The staff we have prepared, 7 thousand 116 vaccinators, 96 percent have been trained. Kovishield’s vaccine has international certification. The confusion that is occurring is with respect to covaxin. The institutions of the country have authenticated this but international institutions have not done the authentication. His third face trial is also not done. The last time a dry run took place, a pincode was revealed in it. If the pincode does not match, then the Kovin app will not take it. Gorella Pendra Marwahi is a new district which was not a Pincode. It was not even in the attention of us that such a situation can also come.

Regarding the discussion with the Union Health Minister, I think that there will be a discussion mainly about the dry run today. We will also keep many things. It has also been announced that the vaccine will be available within 10 days after the 3rd, that is, within the 13th, the representatives of the Government of India have spoken. Kovin which is an app, it proves to be effective because it has complete control.

Health Minister’s statement about bird flu is coming from Himachal, Rajasthan, Gujarat and some states in southern India too .. We have alerted all the districts of the border. We have also discussed with the Veterinary Department of Agriculture Department that if the bird is found dead, we will give information. He has sent messages to the districts of the border from Korea to Gorela Pendra Marwahi, Kawardha, Rajnandgaon and Bijapur.

On the investigation report of people from Britain, Singhdev said that those people have not yet made the report available. Samples have been sent. The last figure that, to my knowledge, 71 people were found to be affected by the new strain. But the report has not yet come in the context of Chhattisgarh.