Vaccination work is being prepared for prevention of corona disease in Dhamtari district including the state. People will be vaccinated at 34 centers in the district. It includes 10 centers of Kurud, 9 of Nagri, 5 of Dhamtari, Magarlod and 5 of Dhamtari Rural. District Vaccination Officer Dr. BK Sahu informed that the duty of five health workers will be imposed in each centers. In this, first health worker safety, second verification, third and fourth vaccination and fifth health worker will help in monitoring people after vaccination in the observation room. He informed that the person will be seated half an hour after being vaccinated. The help of the Kovin app will be taken in this. Everyone is being trained for this. It has been said that the health workers will get the vaccine first. These include all officers and employees working in hospitals, including doctors, paid voters.
There will be a dry run of the entire program from 8 am to 2 pm Friday before vaccination. There will be Shiv Singh Verma Government Higher Secondary School in Dhamtari City, Primary Health Center Bhatgaon in rural area and Mockdrill in Community Health Center City. During this time 25 identified beneficiaries will come to the center, following the rules of the corona. Will get verified, get rehearsal for vaccination. After this, the Kovin portal will be tested whether it is working or not.