There has been a decrease in the number of flights to and from Raipur in the first week of the new year. However, there has been a slight increase in the number of passengers. According to the information, the flights to and from Swami Vivekananda Airport dropped by two per cent to 340 in the week from January 4 to 10. At the same time, the number of passengers coming and going increased by one percent to 34595. However, there is still no significant increase in air traffic to and fro. Corona’s influence is still being seen in the number of air travelers.

The direct flight from Raipur to Indore to be launched by the Flybig Company is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 13 January. This flight will connect Raipur to Indore as well as Ahmedabad. This flight will reach Raipur from Indore at 7.30 am. After this, it will fly to Indore at eight in the morning. After the commencement of this flight, the possibility of starting the flight from Raipur to Jabalpur and Bhopal has also increased soon. It is being told that the same company has also sought permission from DGCA for Jabalpur. Flight will start as soon as permission is granted.