These days, instead of improving their ATMs and other machines, banking management is emphasizing more and more online usage of consumers. It is seen that in the capital Raipur these days, several banks including Central Bank, State Bank and other ATMs are being shut down. The Central Bank has closed three to four ATMs.
These days, messages are also being sent by consumers to consumers to use the online facility of the bank and avail. Bank officials say that more and more consumers are being made aware online.

These days different rules have been made by different banks to loosen the pockets of consumers. Consumers have to pay a fee for taking a statement, taking a new passbook, ATM and depositing and withdrawing their money. All banks are levying this fee at different rates. There is a fee of Rs 20 per paper mainly for taking statements. Similarly, there is a charge of Rs 128 for more than 40 transactions. If the minimum balance is not maintained, then the fees charged by the banks are already being charged.