Today 10 hospitals in the district will get the award under the rejuvenation scheme. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan will award in a virtual way. The Union Minister will give the first prize to Urban Community Health Center Gudhiyari, the first in the state, the second to District Hospital Pandri and the third to Hirapur Primary Health Center. This has been confirmed by the District Medical Officer.

District Medical Officer Dr. Meera Baghel said that points are given according to the criteria of rejuvenation, the hospital which achieves 75 points, is involved in the rejuvenation competition, the one who gets the highest score according to the criteria is the first Place is given, and CHC Gudharihari has been selected for the first prize in the state according to the system there. Currently, Raipur has been shortlisted for 10 Hospital Awards, which is less than expected. At least 80 percent of the hospitals will be honored in this competition next year. Further work will be done with such a goal.