As part of the ongoing campaign by the team of Forest and Climate Change Department, a major action was taken under the Gariaband forest division on 10 January last day. With the vigilance and cooperation of Joint Forest Management Committee Potia, a pickup vehicle including 42 pieces of chiran and sal wood frame was caught on the spot by the team in village Potiya. In this, action is being taken against the accused driver by registering a case of forest crime. Simultaneously, the operation of the monopoly is being done by seizing Tata Gold vehicle number CG 23 H 6927, a private vehicle for illegal transportation of Chiran. The estimated value of seated chiran is 50 thousand rupees. This action was taken by Chief Conservator of Forests Mr. JR Nayak’s guidance and forest department officer Gariaband were done by the departmental team formed under the direction of Shri Mayank Agarwal. The work of Shri Ashok Kumar Sinha, Shri Kuleshwar Kanwar, Shri Rekharam Thakur, Shri Rajju Dhruv, Shri Ravi Kumar Dhruv etc. in commending the forest crime case against the accused was commendable.