Even though there has been a slight decrease in arrivals due to crop affected, prices of edible oils have remained strong. But there is a relief news for consumers that prices of pulses, including pulses, are falling. In two months, pulses have become cheaper by Rs 14 a kg. Prices of gram dal and masoor dal are also declining along with tur dal. Rahar dal, which has been sold for up to Rs 125 in the retail market, has started selling these days at Rs 110 a kg. Along with this, prices of chana dal and urad dal are falling. However, edible oil available for Rs 100 per liter is being sold for Rs 135 to Rs 140 per liter. Cereal traders say that there are still signs of a fall in the prices of pulses. These days sugar is being sold at Rs 3,450 per quintal in bulk and up to Rs 37 a kg in retail. Even after the Makar Sankranti, the price of sesame has fallen by 20 percent compared to last year. Sesame is being sold for Rs 140 a kg these days, whereas last year it was sold for Rs 170 a kg. The cost of jaggery is also Rs 45 a kg.