Collector Dr. S. Bharathidasan held detailed discussions with the members of the committee constituted for the Tilda-Navara Development Plan format. The collector informed that the proposed Tilda-Navara development plan is to be made keeping in mind the coming year 2031. For this, well-organized infrastructure, drinking water, development of industries, protection of environment, recreational means, adequate space for sports etc. will be taken into consideration. Provision of adequate infrastructure will be made to improve the standard of living of the people. The Tilda-Navara Investment Region will be developed as a center to meet the future needs of the region by improving long-term environmental and industry-based socio-economic activities. A committee has been constituted by the state government to prepare a development plan for the Tilda-Navara Investment Region. To the north of the Tilda-Navara Investment Region, to the northern boundary of Village Biladi and Khaparikala Village, Village Tandwa, Bhursuda, Parsada and Biladi Village in the west to the western boundary, Village Sirve, Bahesar, Kundru and Tandwa Village in the south and to the southern boundary of East In the village, Khaparikala, Sinodha, Navara, Kohka and Sirve have been set up to the eastern boundary of the village. Members of the committee and joint directors of city and rural investment department were present in the meeting.