The vaccination process has been started in the district including the country and the state on Saturday to prevent the infection of corona virus. The first vaccine of Kovid-19 in the district was applied to CMHO Dr. DK Turre. District Vaccination Officer Dr. BK Sahu informed that the vaccination has been started in the District Health Hospital, Community Health Center City and Primary Health Center Bhatgaon, where 300 health workers have been registered and started vaccinating them. . After this, vaccination campaign will be started in 11 health centers including the above centers in the district from Monday 18 January. These include the community health center Magarlod in village Belargaon, Dugali, Keregaon, Magarlod block of Nagri development block, CHC Kurud and PHC Sirri of Kurud development block, Gujara and Dhamtari Christian Hospital – DCH – community health center of Dhamtari development block. He informed that the duty of five health workers has been imposed in each center. In the initial phase of vaccination, first health worker will help in safety, second verification, third and fourth vaccination and fifth health worker will monitor people after vaccination in the observation room.

He informed that the person will be seated half an hour after being vaccinated. The help of Kovin App will be taken in this. For this, vaccination related health workers have been trained. It has been reported that health workers will get the vaccine first. These include all officers and employees working in hospitals, including doctors, mitanins. It has been reported that only persons aged 18 years and above have been identified for Kovid 19 vaccination. If necessary, the Kovid 19 vaccine and other vaccines should be applied at least 14 days apart. The second dose should also be of the same Kovid 19, which was vaccinated as the first dose. Pregnant and lactating women have not been part of any COVID 19 vaccine clinical trials so far. Therefore, women who are pregnant or not sure about their pregnancy and breastfeeding women will not be vaccinated with Kovid 19 at this time.