Bhupesh Baghel is constantly discussing with the ministers about the preparations for the budget. Today, CM Bhupesh will hold a meeting with ministers Anila Wolf, Rudra Kumar and Kawasi Lakhma. Earlier yesterday, he also discussed with 3 ministers. The proposal related to the departments of Food Minister Amarjeet Bhagat, Revenue Minister Jaisingh Agarwal and Higher Education Minister Umesh Patel was discussed for over 3 hours. Food Minister Amarjeet Bhagat reviewed the preparations of his department Food, Civil Supplies, Consumer Protection, Economic and Statistics, Culture and 20-point Program Implementation Department. Similarly, the Revenue Minister Jai Singh Aggarwal reviewed the preparations of his Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Rehabilitation, Registration and Stamps Department. Review meeting of budget preparations of Youth and Welfare Department, Sports Department and Higher Education Department related to the same Minister Umesh Patel.