Today is a historic day for Kondagaon district. Public representatives, along with Collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena, SP Siddharth Tiwari, including MLA Mohan Mercam, near the Kopabeda pond, raised the spade shovel and performed shramdaan by cleaning the areas around the pond. With this, Mawa Kondanar i.e. our Kodgaon cleaning campaign started in Kondagaon district. Under this campaign, all the development blocks and municipalities including the district headquarters as well as the slum places in the Nagar Panchayat areas will also be cleaned. Dirt will be removed and an effort will be made to make it beautiful and clean. Mawa Kondagaon is a campaign to remove dirt from public participation and organize the city and village clean and beautiful which will last for 3 months. On this occasion, MLA and state president of Congress Mohan Markam said that it is the ultimate duty of every citizen to make their headquarters clean and beautiful. The cleanliness drive needs to be counted by every person in their habit. It is the right of every citizen to live in a clean environment, but if it becomes public participation then it becomes very easy. Keeping the surrounding area clean also ends the risk of spreading the disease on its own. Collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena stated during this that the mawa is derived from Kondanar Gondi language. A campaign is being run to connect people with this campaign. It is currently very important to clean the water sources like river pond. That is why the first Copabeda pond has been chosen. In this campaign, all government buildings will be tried to give attractive appearance to the district headquarters by painting the walls on the roadside walls in accordance with the local culture.