The largest government postgraduate college in the district will now be seen in a new form. The college is being rejuvenated for about Rs 81 lakh. For this, worship was done today by law. 79 lakh rupees were sanctioned by the government for college repairs. After which the construction and repair was started. Similarly, with the efforts of Mohit Maheshwari, Chairman of Jan Bhagidari Samiti, Rs 12 lakh was given on behalf of the committee. Construction and repair work is being done by the pwd work agency for Rs 81 lakh. Hitech Library is being constructed with the Rs. 12 lakh fund of Jan Bhagidari Samiti. Before the start of construction, the college staff and students were present today including Pracharya, committee chairman Mohit Maheshwari, members Sudhir Kesharwani, Rajesh Makijani, Valmiki Verma, Hiresh Chaturvedi, Jai Sahu, Mukesh Kaushik. On this occasion, the chairman of the committee, Mohit Maheshwari said that every possible effort is being made for the students according to the state government’s refusal. The biggest college in the district is being rejuvenated in two years of the government with Rs 81 lakh. This will benefit students from all over the district studying here. 12 lakh rupees have been given by the public participation committee to increase the facility for students including practical lab, library. This will benefit the students studying in college.