The construction of Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya has been done. His echo is now seen and heard in Dhamtari. Public awareness program is being done to get cooperation from every person involved in fund dedication campaign for construction of Shri Ram temple. So that all Indians can participate in the fund surrender campaign to be held across India on 31 January. In this episode, Ram devotees of Ganesh Chowk traveled to the city, taking out Prabhatferi with pomp. Devotees sang Shri Ram Jai Ram’s hymns and the whole city was buzzing. On Friday morning, at 5 am, a group of devotees reached Shiv Chowk via Maratha Para, Banspara, Sai Temple, Kachhari. Locals in Shiv Chowk also started dancing to the tune of Shriram. After this, the Toli reached Ganesh Chowk via Baniya Para, Math Temple, Sadar Bazar. In the end, everyone finished the Prabhatferi by singing the song Holi. Earlier, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Construction Fund dedication campaign encouraged the city convenor Harivansh Sahu Prabhatferi to encourage him. Visited two wards with him. Ravi Kasar, Raju Sonkar, Yogesh Sahu, Shivaji Sahu, Saket Yadav, Raja Namdev, Vicky Sonkar, Aman Kasar, Aryan Sonkar, Krishna Sonkar, Dipanshu, Piyanshu Sonkar, Ashok Maharaj, Indrakant, Sankalp, Ajju Sonkar, Durgesh Sahu in Prabha Pheri , Suresh Sarathi and others were present.