Two members of the special backward Bhanjia tribe of the district will attend the National Republic Day celebrations to be held at Rajpath in New Delhi. Shri Gwal Singh Sori and Mrs. Ashwani Bai Sori will join two members of the special backward Bhanjia tribe of village Kopeksa under Gariaband development block. They both left for New Delhi by plane last evening. Government of India has invited these two tribal guests from the state of Chhattisgarh as special guests to participate in the Republic Day celebrations 2021 as per the order of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, New Delhi and according to the instructions of the Commissioner, Tribal and Scheduled Castes Development Department. Mr. LR Kurre, Assistant Commissioner / Project Officer, Bhujia Development Agency, reached his residence on Thursday to take him from village Kopeksa to the destination place to attend the function. On this glorious occasion, an honor program for both the guests was organized by the villagers and the families.
For this hospitality, Mr. Gwal Singh Sori and Mrs. Ashwani Sori have thanked the Minister of Tribal and Scheduled Castes Development Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam, Secretary Mr. DD Singh and Director Mrs. Shammi Abidi. Shri Soori said that it is a moment of pride and self-respect for us that we are getting a golden opportunity to participate in Republic Day with our countrymen. Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Department Mr. L.R. Kurre informed that officers / staff and villagers had also reached from tribal development department to reach the guests to the airport. He was made to meet Dr. Chandranath Vajpayee, the licensing officer of the department, and these three people left for New Delhi at 7.00 pm. New Delhi will attend the entire program on 26 January 2021 at Rajpath. Also, there will be an opportunity of courtesy meeting with the President, Prime Minister, Vice President, Defense Minister and Speaker of Lok Sabha with guests from other states.