On the instructions of Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahria, the Urban Administration and Development Department has suspended Chief Municipality Officer Mr. Bhupendra Upadhyay, Municipal Council Gobaranavapara. A complaint has been filed by the suspended CMO Shri Upadhyay for irregularities in the tender process. After the proceedings in this case, Minister Dr. Dahria has said that those who commit such disturbances will not be spared.
While being the Chief Executive Officer of Nagar Palika Parishad, Gobaranavapara, Shri Bhupendra Upadhyay had published the tender notice dated 28 November 2020 for the tender of Rs. 279.78 lakh for 34 works under the 14th Finance Commission. In a mere four days of the publication of this tender notice date, that is, 02 December 2020, the date for submission of application for obtaining the tender form was set. The date of publication of the tender notice and the date of submission of the application was kept for only four days, which was very short and truncated. Complaint in this matter was also made to Urban Administration Minister Dr. Dhariya. The minister had taken the matter seriously and directed the departmental officers to take cognizance of the matter and take necessary action. The department was investigated by the Joint Director Regional Office, Urban Administration. It was found during investigation that CM Upadhyay committed serious negligence keeping in view the amount of tender and the importance of the scheme. Mr. Upadhyay has been suspended with immediate effect under Rule 36 of Chhattisgarh Municipality Service (Executive) Rules 1973 by the State Government on this negligence and irregularity. During the suspension period, Mr. Upadhyay’s headquarters office, Joint Director Urban Administration and Development, Regional Office Raipur has been appointed.