District and Sessions Judge Jagdamba Rao attended the district level 11th National Voters Day function held at Government Girls College, Janjgir on Monday. During this, he said that the awareness and awareness of the voters is necessary for the establishment of a fully dominated democratic republic and for building a strong democracy. Jagdamba Rao said that the Election Commission of India was formed on 25 January, 1 day before India became a republic on 26 January 1950. He greeted the new voters and called them, saying that in future you will represent democracy and will play an important role in building a strong democracy. He asked the young voters to become self-aware about voting and also make other voters aware. At the same time, Collector and District Election Officer Yashwant Kumar said that every 18 years of citizens in India are entitled to the constitution. He said that every voter should vote fair and free irrespective of caste, creed, class, lineage, language, culture so that our democracy can be strengthened. In the program, the collector distributed EPIC cards to voters 18 years or older. It includes Prachi Sahu, Bhupendra Shekhar Garhwal, Jyoti Kumari, Shruti Patel, Anand Ranjan Verma, Tulsi Thawait, Ashutosh Sharma, Kosi Kumari Dewangan, Naveen Kumar Dewangan, Kumari Sanchi, Saurabh Sahu and Manish. During this period Jagdamba Rao honored the BLO and Nodal Officer for their outstanding work in voter awareness work by giving them a citation and citation of Rs 5000. These include assistant teacher Arvind Yadav of Gatola 150 polling station in Akaltara assembly constituency, BLO of Janjgir Champa 73 and BLO of assistant teacher Parameshwar Yadav of Sakthi, BLO Devanand Rathore of 175 Jetha, Sakthi polling station, Manglu Ram of Chandrapur 55 Khote, Jajaipur’s polling station 89, Manoj Kumar Manohar of Amgaon and polling station number 40 of assembly constituency Pamgarh, BLO teacher Gayatri Trivedi of Chorbhatti and Nodal Officer and Professor Sneha Thawait. During this period, voters were sworn to vote without any temptation, fearing the dignity of free, fair and peaceful voting, having full faith in democracy, maintaining democratic work dignities. SDM Maneka Pradhan thanked. Additional Collector Leena Kosam, Administrative Departmental Officer, Election Superintendent Sahu, Principal Shukla, Professor, new voters and students were present in the program.