These days the number of air passengers going to and from Swami Vivekananda Airport is gradually increasing. There has been an increase of 15 per cent in the movement of passengers at Raipur Airport from 8 to 14 February. However, there has been a decrease of two percent in the movement of flights.

According to information received from aviation officials, from February 8 to 14, a total of 350 flights were operated at Raipur airport, which was two percent less than the previous week. At the same time the movement of air passengers was 40850. It has increased by 15 percent.

For the first time such an increase in the movement of air passengers has been recorded. Now gradually the effect of corona is getting reduced in air travel. Along with this, the facilities of air travelers are increasing. However, if the movement of air passengers is compared to 2019, it is still quite low.

Flight to Jabalpur is going to start soon from Raipur Airport. It is being told that with the commencement of Jabalpur flight, the connectivity of Raipur to Bhopal will also start. Last month, the flybig company has started air service from Raipur to Indore. Travel operators have also asked for a direct flight from Raipur to Goa. Along with this, there has been a demand to start air service from Raipur to Tirupati, Shirdi. Also, the business organization CAT has also demanded to start direct flights to Benares. A lot of traffic is being talked about for these areas.