Collector Shri Mahadev Kavre today reviewed the implementation of departmental plans by meeting deadline of district officials of all departments through mobile application. Through online virtual application in the meeting, Superintendent of Police Shri Balaji Rao, Forest Officer, Shri Krishna Jadhav, CEO, District Panchayat Shri KS Mandavi, Deputy Collector R.K. N. Officers of all other departments, including Pandey, all subdivisional officers, district CEOs and officers of the urban body, joined the employees.
Collector Shri Kavre instructed all the officials to provide timely answers to the questions asked during the budget session of the assembly. For this, all officers were instructed not to go on leave without prior notice.
The collector inquired about the status of Kovid-19 vaccination in the district. He instructed to complete 100% target given for Kovid vaccine in all health centers. For this, the health department and municipal front line health workers, police, revenue, Anganwadi assistants related to women and child development, workers and officers associated with Panchayati Raj system, instructed the employees to compulsorily vaccinate. He instructed all the department heads to compulsorily vaccinate the employees pending for their vaccine. The Collector directed CIMAHO regarding second phase vaccination and said that those who have been vaccinated for 28 days should be given the second phase vaccine. For this, they should be informed departmentally and personally. SP Shri Balaji informed that about 50 percent of the employees in the police department have been vaccinated and the rest are being vaccinated. He talked about maintaining the migration register systematically in all panchayats of the district. In which information about people going to work in other district or state from Panchayat level can be available and can be easily detected in case of unpleasant incident with anyone outside the district. Collector Shri Kavre has instructed all the panchayats to take punitive action against employees who do not maintain the Migraine Register.
The collector instructed to purchase cow dung in the urban bodies and rural areas of the district under the ambitious Godhan Nyay Yojana of the district and to make organic fertilizers updated on the portal with priority. He instructed all Gothan officials to sync the data by entering information about daily dung purchases. He said that there is a delay in payment after the information about cow dung purchase is not entered on the portal on time. After every 15 days the dung purchase is paid, so upload the data of the dung purchase that takes place between the 1st to the 15th day on the portal. Along with this, instructed to enter the manufactured organic fertilizer on the latest information portal. So that we can get the proper amount of total organic manure produced in the district and the fertilizer can be sold through cooperative societies. The Collector also instructed to complete the Vermitaka being constructed for preparing organic fertilizers in the second phase of Gothan as soon as possible. He also directed to get the Gauthan committee formed after getting approval from Gram Sabha in Gauthano of recurring pastures.