Industrialists of the state should see a further decline in the prices of iron ore (iron ore). For this, industrialists have written a letter to Union Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. Industrialists say that in seven months NMDC has increased the prices of iron ore by about 120 percent. But it is only 10 percent to reduce.

Chhattisgarh Sponge Iron Association President Anil Nacharani says that in such a situation, the industries are suffering a lot. NMDC should reduce prices further. He said that from June last year to January this year, there was a tremendous increase in the prices of iron ore. A slight drop in it is not going to help.

Prices of rebar started increasing again

In the past, the price of saria had come down by 12 thousand rupees, but now the prices of saria have started increasing for the last few days. While the demand for saria is still weak in the market. In factories, the rate of rebar has reached Rs 46,000 per tonne and in retail it has reached Rs 50 thousand per tonne. Businessmen associated with the sector say that demand has again weakened in the market due to the rise in prices. Though there is an increase in the prices of sariya, there is still relief in cement. Cement prices are selling from 240 to 260 rupees per bag. Traders say that the demand in the market is sluggish, so there is no sign of an increase in prices.