Various types of public welfare schemes have been conducted by the government for the interests of all classes. So that they can strengthen their economic position by taking advantage of the schemes. Thousands of citizens of the district are not behind in any kind of benefit. They need to be vigilant and work hard with determination.
Kanha Nirmalkar, 27, of Subhash Nagar, Ward No. 22 of District Headquarters Mahamsund, is a simple businessman doing business of raw coconut water and juice center. Through which live the four members of their household. He got information about Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana, National Urban Livelihood Mission from somewhere. Then they reached the Nagar Palika Parishad Mahamsund and got information about this scheme. In this regard, the officials there told him about this plan in detail. Due to which he was inspired and filled the application form to get loan for making more profit in his business. Due to which he got a loan of 80 thousand rupees from Indian Bank Mahamsund in a few days at a lower rate of interest. With which he expanded the business of coconut in his cart and also added a separate jam for his brother to the coconut water business. Apart from this, they have also taken a small warehouse in which they keep their stock stock of coconut. They sell coconut water from 02 thousand to 2.50 thousand rupees per day through the cart. From which they get income of 500 to 600 rupees. Which has brought a new change in his life. He informed that the loan was given through the bank. His 06 installment has also been deposited in the deposit bank. Apart from this, they are providing customers with the facility of Google Pay, Phone Pay to promote cash payments as well as digital payments.