Instructions have been given by the state government to open high and higher secondary schools. District Education Officer Smt. Madhulika Tiwari inspected Government Higher Secondary School Kusmi, Moheranga, Balasamund, Bhansuli, Government High School Karanjia yesterday. In the Government Higher Secondary School, Kusami, teacher Sangeeta Devi attended the school at 10.46 am and the lock of the school was opened by them. Observation of attendance register revealed that Sangeeta Devi lecturer was absent on 16 and 17 February 2021 without notice. Principal in charge of the school, Mr. PL Yayudu lecturer, was found absent from 15 to 17 February 2021 without notice. Dr. Rita Tiwari Lecturer on 18 February 2021, Mr. O.K.Sahu Lecturer from 15 to 17 February 2021, Mr. Kamlesh Singh Lecturer, Mrs. Renuka Agrawal Teacher and Mr. Santosh Vaishnav Saha. Teacher absent from school on 18 February 2021 without notice were found.
Principal in-charge of Government Higher Secondary School, Moharanga, Mr. CL Sharma, attended school late from the scheduled school hours at 11.30 am. He was directed by District Education Officer Mrs. Tiwari to attend school during school time. Mrs. Dev Kumari Sahu Lecturer 16 to 18 February, Shri Birendra Kumar Patel Exercise Teacher was absent on 17 and 18 February without notice. From the observation of Government Higher Secondary School Balasamund Pathakan it was found that 11 teachers of the school were absent without notice on 17 February and 10 teachers were found absent on the date of inspection even on the date of inspection. In the Government Higher Secondary School Bhansuli, all the teachers were found present in the school and the classes were found to be conducted.
The District Education Officer praised the efforts made for maintaining and maintaining the school building in Government High School Nawagaon (a) and expressed happiness for the conduct of classes by the teachers present. He also discussed with the children regarding preparations for the upcoming exam. D.E.O. Mrs. Tiwari, after getting clarification from all the absent teachers, directed the heads of the institution to submit it to the District Education Officer office.