JCI Raipur Vama Capital has formed its new chapter in the name of MAC United. Its swearing-in ceremony is held at 11 am on 23 February at MAC College in Samta Colony. It will have Yogita Jaiswal of JCI as the swearing officer, Special Guest JC Rajesh Shroff, Chief Guest Ramesh Aggarwal, Proceedings JCI Senator Rajesh Aggarwal, Super Chapter Coach JCI Senator Amitabh Dubey.

JCI is an institution known for personality development. That is why JCI Raipur Vama Capital is launching a new chapter for MAC College students in the name of MAC United, to develop leadership in them.

Vama PRO JC Neelima Srivastava said that a board meeting has been held in this connection to prepare a framework related to the program. JCI Vama and members of the core committee of MAC College were present. Members of Wama were present, including Chairman Man JCI Senator Rajesh Agarwal, Super Chapter Coach Amitabh Dubey, Wama Chapter Incharge JC Rupali Dubey, Chairman JC Aastha Gupta, Secretary JC Sadaf Khan, JC Ruma Patel, JC Jaya Arora, JC Aanchal Panjwani.