Under the guidance of Forest and Climate Change Minister Mohammad Akbar, the collection of minor forest produce in the minimum support price is continuing in the state. From October to February 15, 56 thousand 989 quintals of minor forest produce worth Rs 12 crore 95 lakh have been collected. Managing Director, State Small Forest Produce Association Sanjay Shukla said that during this period, forest produce such as Harra, Behera and Giloy have been collected more than the target.

He informed that as of February 15 last year, 6 thousand 345 quintals of minor forest produce worth Rs 1 crore 5 lakh were collected. As on 15 February this year, 56 thousand 989 quintal small forest produce has been collected for an amount of about Rs 13 crore. According to information received from the Chhattisgarh State Small Forest Produce Association, 18 thousand 197 quintals amounting to Rs. 2 crore 73 lakhs have been collected, out of the target of 10 thousand 589 quintals. Similarly, 21 thousand 68 quintals amounting to Rs. 3 crore 58 lakhs against Baheda target 5 thousand 145 quintals and 5 thousand 748 quintals amounting to Rs. 2 crore 30 lakhs against Giloy target 1 thousand 40 quintals have been collected. Apart from this, 6 thousand 886 quintal Kalmegh, one thousand 421 quintal mahul leaf, 796 quintal Nagarmotha and 689 quintal Bhelwa have been collected.

Similarly, 536 quintal Behera Kacharia, 316 quintal Harra Kacharia, 252 quintal honey, 249 quintal Puvad (Charota), 182 quintal asparagus (dry) and 162 quintal safflower seeds have been collected. Apart from this, 132 quintal vine anus, 120 quintal rangini lac, 115 quintal forest basil, 39 quintal tamarind (including seeds), 25 quintal berries seed (dry) and 24 quintal forest cumin have been collected. Similarly, 13 quintal gooseberry (seedless) and 11 quintal flower broom, 6 quintal safflower lacquer, 1.55 quintal mahua seed and 1 quintal kullu gum have been collected.