The Government of Chhattisgarh has started the process to sell its paddy. The government is e-auctioning 20.79 lakh tonnes of paddy. For this, online registration has started. So far, more than three dozen farms across the country have shown interest in it.

The government has laid down several conditions for those who buy paddy. This includes lifting and transporting paddy at the own expense to the recipients of the tender. According to Food Department officials, about 92 lakh tonnes of paddy has been purchased in the state this year.

The central government has so far approved 24 lakh tonnes of rice from the state in the central pool and 20 lakh tonnes of rice for the state’s PDS. About 71.21 lakh tonnes of paddy will be needed to produce a total of 44 lakh tonnes of rice. In this case, the government will have about 20.79 lakh tonnes of paddy left.

At present, the central government is not ready to increase the quota taken from the state. For this reason, the state government has decided to sell excess paddy in the open market. Markfed officials said that the online e-auction platform has been selected to M / s NCDEXE Markets Limited for an open tender for the auction of potential surplus paddy.

Registered buyers will be given training in relation to the entire procedure and conditions etc. before the auction. The process of seeder registration will be open continuously. Auction of surplus paddy will be done committee-wise and variety-wise (thick-thin-sarna). The entire quantity available for auction in the committee will be auctioned in a single lot.

According to the officials, it will be mandatory for the buyer to deposit the amount of the value of the whole lot, the amount according to the fixed price of the gunny bags used in storage, within seven days from the rate acceptance. After receipt of the order, an order will be issued for lifting the paddy lot. If the amount is not received within the time limit, the agreement can be canceled along with the grant of security fund.