Indira Gandhi Agricultural University student Vikas Lunavat was awarded the Gold Medal 2020. This gold medal was presented at the 6th National Youth Conference organized by the All India Agricultural Students Association at the Telangana State Agricultural University, Jaishankar. Lunavat is always ready for the interest of the students.

The youth are active in empowerment, entrepreneurship and innovative work for the youth across the state and continue to work for the promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship. It is in this regard that the work done in the interest of the students has been respected. Lunawat is the state president of All India Agricultural Students’ Union Chhattisgarh for the last two years.

During his tenure, the 5th National Youth Conference 2020 of All India Agricultural Students’ Union was held last year at Indira Gandhi Agricultural University. In which more than 400 students, students and more than 100 agricultural scientists, agricultural entrepreneurs and progressive farmers of the country participated strongly. During this time the farmers were also aware of many new innovations.

Farmers are doing farming by following the suggestions given here. In this episode, this honor is given to Ph.D. students. At the same time, Dr. R.C. Agarwal (Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research New Delhi), Dr. P. Rao Velchala Vice Chancellor, Jaishankar Telangana State Agricultural University and Vice-Chancellor of several universities of the country, Patron of All India Agricultural Students Association, officials, agricultural scientists, young students and other academics Be present