The Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) has demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene on the issue of e-commerce and GST. CAT says that the Prime Minister should intervene to get the e-commerce business out of the clutches of crooked practices of foreign companies.

CAT National Vice President Amar Parvani, State Executive President Vikram Singhdev said that earlier it was said that merchants would be required to upload their sales details on the GST portal only once and after that the portal would automatically take all other actions. Merchants will only have to deposit tax and submit returns.

But now GST has been made the most complex tax system. He said that while amending the GST rules, the authorities have been given arbitrary powers such that traders without hearing have been empowered to issue show cause notices and get them done. Even though the GST Council has amended the GST rules several hundred times.