I will win Bengal with one leg and Delhi with two: Mamata Banerjee

By Express News Service
NEW DELHI/KOLKATA:  West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has been asked to explain comments during her election campaign, where she allegedly accused central security forces of working under instructions of Home Minister Amit Shah. She has been asked to reply by 11 am Saturday. This is the second notice to Mamata in the last few of days.

On Wednesday, EC had issued her a notice over alleged appeal for votes along communal lines, saying it was in violation of the model code and the Representation of the People Act. The EC took strong objection of Mamata’s comments while sending the second notice.

It said her remarks were “prima facie, completely false, provocative and intemperate statements… (It) attempts to berate and vilify central paramilitary forces during electoral process are causing extreme demoralisation amongst ranks and file of these forces, who have been rendering a yeoman’s service since late 80s elections after elections and have made a commendable contribution, especially in ensuring area domination and causing deterrence for anti-social hooligans by their presence,” the notice read.

On a campaign trail at Jamalpur in Bardhaman district, Mamata repeated her accusation. “I will continue speaking about CPRF until they stop working for BJP. Once they stop doing that, I will salute them. I do not care about your (EC’s) showcause letters. You are working at the behest of BJP. I wonder why there is no violation when the PM campaigns on polling days.”

Shah vs Mamata

Campaigning in Kolkata, Shah hit back at the TMC chief. He said Mamata’s comments against central forces betrayed frustration over her impending defeat.

“TMC’s frustration is evident from her speeches. I have never seen a chief minister or the president of a political party use the kind of words Mamata Banerjee is using against central forces. Is she trying to create anarchy? She should know that central forces do not function under the home ministry during elections. They function under the Election Commission,” Shah said.

Mamata was relentless. Speaking at another rally, she claimed that Shah was trying to spark a riot in the state.

“I have not seen such a gunda, dangabaaz (rioteer) home minister in my life. Shah is more dangerous than a tiger. People fear to talk to him. I will urge Narendra Modi to control Shah first. He is inciting riots here.”