COVID-19: Airlifted Madhya Pradesh doctor's condition critical, says Hyderabad hospital

Express News Service
MUMBAI: The last 10-day record of daily Covid cases, deaths and discharges in Maharashtra indicates an early stage of flattening of the graph, and that there might be a significant decline in positive cases in the second week of May.

According to the health department data, the state has this month reported the highest positive case figure of nearly 70,000. In Mumbai, the figure is 9,000 cases.

“There is no major surge in positive cases. The recovery rate is steady as more and more people are getting discharged than being admitted. It shows that we are at an early stage of flattening of the plateau with a decline in positive cases,” Pradeep Awate, joint health director of Maharashtra government told this newspaper on Saturday.

Awate said the number of positive cases is almost steady while in other states such as Gujarat and UP, a major growth is seen.

“The Maharashtra government decision of aggressive testing, tracing and lockdown have resulted in halting the growth of positive cases. Besides, we are more transparent in data keeping,” says Awate.

The senior health official said the state was first to confirm that the second, more aggressive Covid wave had arrived.

“The other states did not pay any heed from our reporting of a major surge in positive cases in Amaravati in Vidarbha,” he said.

Awate said apart from vaccination, the government should focus on strengthening field health teams. He said if the person has mild symptoms and is asymptomatic, then such patients should be treated at home with the help of the field health team.

“We don’t have to admit each positive patient. If patients are in a serious condition and gasping for oxygen, then only they should be admitted to hospitals. Strong field teams for every micro area will surely reduce the burden on hospitals,” Awate said.