On the instructions of Bhupesh Baghel, ration packets are being made available to needy families in all the wards of Raipur and Bilaspur city rules. This arrangement has been made to provide relief to the people in distress in view of the circumstances arising from the lockdown during the Corona crisis.

Distribution of ration to 100-100 needy families in all 70 wards of Raipur Municipal Corporation

On the guidance of the Mayor of Raipur, Mr. Ejaz Dhebar, the task of distributing ration packets in all the 70 wards of the corporation is being done by the teams of all the zones. Ration packets are being distributed by teams of zones to 100-100 needy families of each ward under the leadership of the concerned councilor. The Commissioner of Zone 1, Mr. Subhash Chandrakar distributed 100 ration packets to the needy families of the ward in the homes of the concerned families in the presence of the ward councilor representative of Netaji Kanhaiyalal Bazar Ward No. 15 under the zone Mr. Shubham.

Similarly, zone commissioner of Zone No. 7, Shri N. R. Ratnesh arrived in ward 37 and 38 in Tatyapara ward number 37 of zone, in presence of councilor and corporation general administration and law-legislative affairs department Mr. Ritesh Tripathi and martyr Chudamani Nayak ward number 38 in the presence of councilor Mr. Deepak Jaiswal. 100 ration packets were distributed to the families of the concerned families. Similarly, work is being done by teams of all zones to distribute ration packets to 100 needy families in the ward under the leadership of the concerned ward councilor.

Bilaspur Municipal Corporation is providing free ration packet to the needy people in lockdown