In Chhattisgarh, there is an outcry over the Karona infection. Meanwhile, there is news of relief. The death rate has come down in the state. Last month the recovery rate from ventilator was 80%. Right now it is 70%.

Dr. OP Sundarani, member of the State Death Review Committee, said that the process of death can be stopped only when people become aware. The patients will reach the hospital on time and seek treatment. Then the probability of survival is 98 percent. But when the patient reaches direct oxygen or ventilator, it is worrying.
Dr. Sundarani, the state’s largest government hospital Makehara Critical Care Incharge, said that on one hand the recovery rate has increased in the state, but on the other hand the recovery rate from ventilator has come down. Last month the recovery rate was 80%, but this month has come down by 10 percent. That is, the recovery rate has reached 80% to 70%.
He said that people are making mistake in checking oxygen level. Even after the oxygen is low, they are doing the treatment themselves. The doctors here are not able to give the correct information. In such a situation, the oxygen of the patients drops very fast. The chance of survival of patients with oxygen of 90-94 is 98 percent. But after coming in oxygen support, chances of survival start to decrease.