Amid the dipping scale of vaccination and unavailability or rather scarcity of Corona vaccine, there has no let up in political opportunism and one-upmanship.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister on Wednesday said that many centres have been closed in the capital as the indigenous company Bharat Biotech has refused to supply vaccine.

The stock of Covaxin in Delhi has finished and as a result around 100 vaccination centres set up in 17 schools have been closed, he said.

“The Covaxin manufacturer has in a letter said that it can not provide Delhi government vaccines due to unavailability, under instruction of concerned government official. It means that the central government is controlling supply of the vaccine,” Sisodia said.

Bharat Biotech on Tuesday said it has already established direct supply lines for providing Covaxin to 18 states including Delhi.

Taking exception to Delhi Deputy CM’s claims, Bharat Biotech Co-founder Suchitra Ella today took to Twitter and called out Delhi govt for whining over scarcity of vaccine, at a time when the whole nation is battling the monstrous 2nd wave of Covid-19.