In Chhattisgarh, the effect of corona is starting to decrease. But the war is still going on. The state government has made extensive preparations on every front to save the people from Corona. Despite not getting enough central help, the Bhupesh government continued to fight in the midst of grave conditions. The government has managed to handle the current situation due to the resources present in the state. However, the challenges of the government are not over yet. There is also a big challenge of black fungus in the second wave of Corona. Amidst all these situations, Bhupesh Sarkar seems to be working better in the direction of free vaccine, medicine and treatment. Let us tell you how the government is working.

Advisory on Black Fungus (Mucaramicosis) continues
Amid the second wave of corona in Chhattisgarh, a new disease has increased the problem of people recovering from corona. In fact, about 50 people have suffered in the state so far due to the disease called Black Fungus. There is a big challenge before the state government to deal with it. Therefore, the government has issued an advisory on black fungus (mucarmycosis). According to the information given by the government, cases of patients suffering from black fungus (mucarmycosis) cases are coming to the hospitals. In view of these conditions, the Health Department has issued a standard treatment protocol recommended by the experts of the technical committee of the state to all medical colleges in the state for the treatment of the suffering patients. It has also been told that black fungus (mucaraemycosis) will be treated in all medical colleges in the state.