On the Buddha Purnima, the Gayatri family organized a Yagya from house to house across the country and a mission to bring spiritual awakening. 11,000 lamps have been given by the BJP to the Gayatri family for this Yajna ritual. On behalf of MLA Ranjana Sahu and BJP District Treasurer Chetan Hinduja, former Chairman Rajendra Sharma gave lamps to the Gayatri Mission’s Narayan Kaushik, Kaushal Sahu, Laxmi Sahu and Dilip Patel. By lighting the lamp in the evening on behalf of each family and bringing awareness of spirituality in the approved period of Kovid-19, the world community will call for holistic peace, giving a message that we will change. On Deepdan, Ranjana Sahu said that according to the scripture, Deepotsav, the donation of lamps is a symbol of knowledge to the spiritual circuit. Every work done by witnessing the lamp is a researcher of the success of the person and through this, I pray peace in the whole society and pray for the brotherhood correspondent to God. The same Yuva Morcha District President Vijay Motwani said that the Yuva Morcha will always be a restriction to bring the religion to the youth, because our religion and spirituality is the only, most successful, important and strong way to channel the energy of the youth. is. During this time Premchand Mujwani, Lalchand Ahuja, Mamta Sinha, Anita Yadav, Sarita Yadav, Parvati Patel, Shivdutt Upadhyay, Kedar Patel, Badku Sinha, Daulat Wadhwani, Kulesh Soni, Laxman Gautam and Satish Sahu were present.