Collector Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha has said that adequate quantity of fertilizer should be provided to the farmers and at the prescribed rate. Be sure to take action as per consumer rules on distributors and retailers selling hoarding of fertilizer at a high price. The collector gave this instruction to the officials of Krishi Markfed and Revenue Department in the online meeting of the deadline held on Wednesday.
The Collector said that the Revenue Department should constitute a team under the leadership of the Tehsildar and inspect the private fertilizer traders of the district. Perform physical verification of storage and sale of all types of fertilizer during inspection. Verify the openness and closing balance of Uvark daily. He said that all traders will have to paste the rate list of each fertilizer in the shop and enter the fertilizer sold daily by maintaining a register. It has to be mentioned in the register as to when the quantity of which fertilizer was sold to a person and in what quantity. The buyer’s address and Aadhaar number will also have to be entered. Tehsildars will get information about the total fertilizer sold by each trader every day. He also said that action will be taken against them for negligence in inspection by the Inspection Committee of the Department of Agriculture.
Traffic should not be disrupted in NH during rainy season. The Collector said that in order to facilitate smooth movement of traffic from Ambikapur to Dandgaon in NH also, patch repairing and damaging should be done fast. He directed the Executive Engineer of NH to get the contractor to complete the work of asphalt before the rainy season.
Rebuked over low labor planning in MNREGA. – The Collector reprimanded the district CEO and PO for employing less workers in MNREGA works and said that the objective of MNREGA is to provide employment to more and more laborers in rural areas and in the summer season The presence of even fewer workers means a lack of monitoring at the field level. He instructed to give maximum employment to the workers in all the districts.
Evaluate the capacity of each Gothan – The Collector reviewed the Godhan Nyaya Yojana and said that every Gothan should assess the capacity of cow dung and vermicomposting so that a strategy for manufacturing and selling vermi manure can be prepared accordingly. He instructed to prepare tree plantations on both sides of the road in Udaipur, Maheshpur, Mainpat, Manglergarh and Maharanipur under the Ram Vanagaman tourism circuit.