On completion of the successful 1st year of the scheme conducted under the study Tuhar Duar program, the teachers of our Nayak column, who are in the Chhattisgarh School Education Department, on May 25, organized a state-level webinar Safarnama called Safranama on the successful completion of the 1st year of the Tuhar Duar program. The program was organized by issuing a link to the selected teachers for the webinar, live telecast through YouTube so that the teachers of the state could get direct benefits. For the last 1 year, the State Government School Education Department conducted our Nayak related program on the Bahbeevvasampada portal to increase the morale of the teachers, in which the commendable work done on the ground level by selecting teachers who have done excellent work on different themes Such teachers, who are doing without any frills, are being selected as our heroes. In the last 1 year, our Nayak has provided different teachers / children on different themes with some selected teachers / children and officials the opportunity to share their successful experiences and strategies to connect children to education in the upcoming education session. Dr. Alok Shukla, Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Webinar, Raipur, Managing Director, Composite Education Mr. Jitendra Shukla was specially present in this program. So far, about 700 teachers in Chhattisgarh have got a place in our Nayak, while District Narayanpur under Bastar Division Mrs. Kavita Hirwani, teacher of government primary school from Gudarapara, was selected for this webinar. Mr. Hirwani said that he was selected as our hero in the Behibivavasampada portal of Pyaan Tuhar Duar to provide better education to children on the loudspeaker theme. Along with this, during their loudspeaker class, information related to general information related to life of the children, such as health information, calling the doctors in your loudspeaker class, and informing them about the traffic rules by calling the traffic police in connection with the traffic rules. The creation of materials related to local culture such as training of the two plates in your loudspeaker class by local parents, etc., is included. Dr. Alok Shukla, Chief Secretary, Department of Education, has also given a place in his book, as well as his commendable work has been included in the discussion paper released by the Education Department every month. She wants to continue her work on the same theme further. And for the new education session also, from June itself, it is planning to start a new theme to start the classroom courses in which the best education can be delivered to the children. The teacher believes that the real honor for a teacher is an award. It does not happen, but the success of the children and the affection and respect they receive and the trust in the teacher is the real honor for a teacher. Principal Secretary Dr. Alok Shukla heard the experiences of the teachers. He congratulated all the teachers officers of the state and said that the contribution of all of you is commendable. Dr. Shukla told our hero that a special achievement like Karona was a great achievement for the state. In the past, the teachers of the state made their valuable contribution to keep the children connected with education. In the last 1 year, many teachers have made a lot of effort to keep the students connected through online teaching and innovations, still the conditions remain the same as in the previous year. In view of the dilemma of getting the schools operational again, the idea is to make the upcoming session in a formal and systematic way. Hopefully this year also teachers will be connected to the children through options like online / offline. Overall education in this program Assistant Director Dr. M. Sudhees. And Mr. Prashant Pandey, Assistant Director of Literacy Mission and State Media in-charge of the study Tuhar Duar program, also expressed his enthusiasm and appreciated our selected heroes and block writers team.