Collector Dr. S. Bharatidasan has instructed the officers of the beneficiaries of pension schemes operated under NSAP to do digitization basis seeding and 100% payment of pension amount through DBT. He informed that 100 percent basis seeding and digitization is to be done in the NSAP portal of all the beneficiaries receiving pension under the social assistance program operated in the district. Along with this, the work of the district panchayat and urban bodies is for the quick removal and correction of the deceased Lapata beneficiaries, duplicate beneficiaries and the invalid data from the portal of NSAP. The Collector has given instructions to the officers to carry out the work of Aadhaar seeding in the bodies. It is a matter of concern that the base seeding of beneficiaries of centrally funded and state-funded pension schemes in district panchayats and urban bodies is worrying on all pension schemes. This is a very important task of governance.
He has sent a letter to this effect to the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, Birgaon and Raipur, the Chief Executive Officer of all the District Panchayats and the Chief Municipal Officers of the municipal bodies. He decided to complete 100% basis seeding of beneficiaries of all pension schemes by taking personal interest, digitization of deceased beneficiaries, duplicate beneficiaries and invalid data in NSAP portal within 15 days.